Which Fanola Serum Should You Use?

Which Fanola Serum Should You Use?

In need of a new hair serum but can't decide which would work best for you? We got you covered! Read our guide below to learn which Fanola hair serum will work best for your hair type:

For the one who needs extra shine

The liquid gold for your hair, whether your hair is fine and needs products that will keep it moisturized, or you're looking for an easy way to tame your hair, the Nutri Care Restructuring Serum will serve you well. It's a formula full of bonding materials and natural oils from Aloe Vera and Linseed to give back that healthy shine whenever you use it. PS: it smells AMAZING!


For the one who styles their hair 24/7

If you're the person who curls and straightens their hair a lot, then Smooth Care is just for you. The Smooth Care Serum is enriched in Linseed Oil that helps protect the strands of the hair from straightening irons. It insulates the hair shaft with a protective film with a thick formulation that mitigates the effects of heat and maintains the moisture in the hair while adding in the needed hydration that gets taken out with irons. Aka it'll keep your hair healthy every time you put those hot tools on your hair. 

For the one who is obsessed with dying their hair

If you're the type to have different colored hair at all times, the After Color Serum will save you. If your color is high maintenance, this protective and Vitamin E rich oil will give your thirsty strands the moisture they crave. Healthy hair is happy hair!

For the blonde one

If you're blonde with damaged hair, then the Fanola Pure Sapphire Zaffiro Oil is your serum! Enriched with Argan and Sweet Cypress oil, the Sapphire treatment specializes in repairing damage from bleach, hot irons, and natural elements like sun and wind. 

For the curly-haired one

Curly girls rejoice, the Diamante Puro Oil is your serum (but it can work on other hair types as well). It strengthens the cuticle structure and protects against free radicals from sun and pollution to help you maintain that refreshed shine. It's great for sensitive hair that has been damaged by coloring or severe heat from harsh chemicals and hot irons.

For the one with frizzy hair

The Oro Therapy 24k Luxury Hair Oil is enriched with Micro-Active Gold and Sweet Cyprus Oil which makes hair manageable, silky, and splendid like gold, giving it body and lightness. Ideal for eliminating the frizz effect and eliminating split ends. 

Pick the right serum for you! You can check out all of our serums HERE, and make sure to follow us @fanola for all things Fanola!