Which Fanola Free Paint Color You Should Use Based On Your Fave Cold Drink

Which Fanola Free Paint Color You Should Use Based On Your Fave Cold Drink

The Fanola Free Paint is here! Fanola Free Paint includes a range of 10 direct semi-permanent colors that can be used separately or mixed together to obtain endless color combinations.

With its creamy cosmetic texture, Fanola Free Paint gives a high color performance in just 5 Minutes. It's ammonia-free, vegan, and gives high-performing results. 

So which cool color is best for you?

Well, you can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite cold drink! Read below to find out which Fanola Free Paint color you should use based on your fave cold drink. 

1. Iced Coffee- Electric Blue

You love something refreshing, trendy, and downright cool. The perfect Free Paint for you would be the Electric Blue. Just like your fave iced drink, it will never go out of style.


2. Matcha- Emerald Green

You're on the go but have time to stop and smell the matcha. You would be perfect for the Emerald Green Free Paint. Calm, cool, and green.

3. Iced Tea- Orange Shock

 You like your drinks just like you like your hair- COOL! You should use the Fanola Free Paint Orange Shock color to get the ultimate cool girl look,


 4. Anything Pink-  Spicy Red

Surprise, you can choose your level of spice! Whether it be spicy red to the max or spicy red diluted for a pink look, if you like your drinks a fun color, then you deserve a fun hair color too.


5. Sparkling Water- Aqua Blue

Sparkling water for a sparkling person. You want hair that can be sparkle any time of day- which makes the bright, shiny, Aqua Blue Free Paint perfect 4 you, even if it's just a hint of it!


6. Lemonade- Flash Yellow

You love anything with a fun twist, refreshing, and show stopping. Flash Yellow would be the color for your fun-loving self. 


7. Taro Tea- Purple Grape

Your drink taste is immaculate and so is your taste in hair. You need something eye-catching and memorable, just like the Purple Grape is.


Shop the Fanola Free Paint line HERE to find the perfect color for you.