WFH Tips From The Fanola Team

WFH Tips From The Fanola Team

For many, working from home has become the new normal and with it, comes its challenges to sometimes feel unmotivated. Here are some work from home tips from the Fanola team to help you stay motivated!

LaChane's Advice

"Use the Pomodoro technique, which is were you focus on one task for 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break before your next 25 minute session. This way you keep moving forward on your tasks for the day without getting hung up!"


Iyanna's Advice 

"Buy the Starbucks Iced Coffee and your fave creamer or syrup to make your own iced coffee at home and set up a designated work space to stay concentrated -- even if your bed is your new desk!"


Mona's Advice

"Start your day an hour before your work day starts and use that hour to enjoy some silence and have some alone time. Make yourself some coffee, and set the tone for your day! Also, separate your work space from your relaxation space - it's important for your mind and body to know when to put in work and when to rest!"


Teena's Advice

"Take short breaks to go outside and get some fresh air. Have a morning routine, make a cup of green tea before you start working. Communicate and socialize with co-workers often to avoid feeling isolated and disconnected from the world, and change up your work tasks or your routine to be more productive!"


Jessica's Advice

"Change out of the clothes you slept in, drink your water, and treat yourself to some coffee! Make sure to work in a well lit space and find some music jams and blare it (if you're home alone of course). Be sure to stand a few times every hour, this helps blood circulation and body movement, you can even add some squats in when you stand!"


Adrianna's Advice

"Open up the blinds to let the light in, make your bed, change into cute loungewear clothes that are different than your PJ's! Small things like that will help you feel more motivated to work. If you have a pet hang out with them, being around them can help lift your mood up while you work!"


Lana's Advice 

"Treat yourself to coffee and make sure to take breaks to give yourself some time to relax! Working from home can be just as draining so make sure to take time to get a snack, get some fresh air, or even a 10 min nap during your break!"


Olivia's Advice

"Make sure to take short breaks I'm staring at a screen more often than usual, taking a break for my eyes helps with eye strain and helps to give a mental reset/reenergize. Still chat with coworkers, maintain a positive relationship with the people you work with it'll help with fatigue of not seeing them in person 5 days a week. Don't be too hard on yourself, going from working 40hrs in an office to 40hrs at home can be a tough transition, be positive and give yourself grace in adapting to a new work environment!"


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