Vegan No Orange Fact Check

Vegan No Orange Fact Check

Brass-free is always the goal and Vegan No Orange is always there to deliver. Vegan No Orange is our blue shampoo that eliminates any unwanted orange undertones in your hair. Let's fact check what Vegan No Orange is really about:   

What is Vegan No Orange Shampoo?

Vegan No Orange is our blue shampoo that's perfect for lightened brunettes. It helps tone your hair and neutralizes unwanted orange and brass tones. This special blue pigment will tone down orange hues and copper/red reflections in your hair! It's free of parabens, silicones, and sulfates, healthy AF!

How often should I use Vegan No Orange?

We do not recommend using Vegan No Orange every day. We recommend using Vegan No Orange Shampoo every 3rd-4th wash for the best results. 

What does Vegan No Orange do? 

Vegan No Orange is a blue shampoo with a special blue pigment that cancels out any undesired copper/red reflections in your hair. It'll take all that annoying brass right out!

What type of hair should you use Vegan No Orange on?

Vegan No Orange works best for brunette, dark blonde, and platinum hair. It takes away orange and copper tones but also gives you a frosty look for platinum hair.  

Does Vegan No Orange count as an everyday shampoo?

No, Vegan No Orange Shampoo is not your normal shampoo to use on the daily. We recommend using your cleansing shampoo to clean your scalp before you apply Vegan No Orange. If you are looking for an everyday shampoo to use before you apply Vegan No Orange, we recommend using our Nutri Care Restructuring Shampoo

Will No Orange help eliminate brass from my hair?

Yes! Vegan No Orange was made to eliminate brass from hair. Vegan No Orange eliminates any tones that cause brass in hair and will immediately take those annoying brassy tones out!  It all goes back to the color wheel: orange (brass) is across from blue, meaning that the blue pigment will cancel the orange colors in your hair. 

What's the best thing about Vegan No Orange Shampoo?

Vegan No Orange contains coconut oil to help the hair when toning out unwanted orange hues. The rich concentrated formula with Pea Protein contains a novel technology that provides all the benefits of hydrolyzed proteins which causes hair to not only be brass-free but soft and silky too. 

What's the difference between Vegan No Orange and the Original No Orange Shampoo?

Our Vegan No Orange is like our No Orange Shampoo, but healthier! Both shampoos have indigo pigment, coconut oil, and are cruelty-free. Vegan No Orange is vegan, contains Pea Protein, Radish Root, and Shea butter. All things to make your hair soft and silky. Vegan No Orange is also sulfate, silicone, and paraben free, making Vegan No Orange the healthier alternative. 

How do I use Vegan No Orange Shampoo?

Apply to wet hair, massage, and leave on for 1-5 minutes, lather and rinse. Our social media editor, Teena does a great job at demonstrating how to use it in the video below: 

To watch a full review, check out our Fanola Babe @kirstina.angelina talking about her experience with the Vegan No Orange Shampoo.  

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