TV Shows That Inspire Us To Do Our Self-Care Routine

TV Shows That Inspire Us To Do Our Self-Care Routine

Whether you're putting on a blackhead strip, applying a hair mask, or jade rolling your face, watching a good TV show is most definitely apart of the self-care routine.

Here are some of our recommendations for some interesting TV shows to watch while you're self-caring that gorgeous hair and skin of yours while being at home! 


We can't talk about Rue's hair, Maddy and Kat's outfits, Cassie's flawless skin, or Jules's eyeshadow without crying tears of joy. Not only does this show make you want to try new makeup looks, and make you realize your style is nowhere near cool, but it will speak to you on another level. A MUST for quarantine! 

Outer Banks

The coolest new Netflix show is a must-see and has been for-sure the most entertaining thing to watch lately. Watching Sarah and Kiara's constant perfect beach girl hair blowing in the wind is one of the many reasons we have been up-keeping our hair care routine during quarantine in the first place.


Good Trouble

Between Cierra Ramirez, and Mia Mitchell you will for-sure be inspired to up your self-care routine. This show follows two girls, Marianna and Callie, navigating their way through life in their new home and new careers. We have not once put the jade roller down when looking at Marianna's flawless skin and don't even get us started on Callie's overwhelmingly perfect bob haircut. (As much as her hair will make you want to cut your own hair at home, please don't). 

Dead To Me

If there's anyone that can inspire you to keep your blonde hair maintained it's Jen from Dead To Me. Her hair is as perfect as this show is funny and is such a great way to pass the time when you're applying hair serums! 


Cheryl Blossom, Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper all have that flawless skin vibe that will make you start YouTube searching their skincare routines. Not only is their skin great but their hair? Even better. Cheryl Blossoms red waves may make you want to dye your own hair red at home, but please don't. (Maybe just apply a red color mask for now). 


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