This Is A Reminder To Clean Your Hairbrush

This Is A Reminder To Clean Your Hairbrush

How often do you clean your hairbrush? Not enough? Same. 

Experts say hairbrushes should be cleaned at least once a week to once a month. Cleaning out your hair brush often can prevent any extra build up in your hair and prevent any extra oil from entering your locks after a clean wash day. We know that you're on the go all the time so here are some ways to quickly and efficiently clean that brush of yours: 

1. Dig Out The Hair Out Of Your Hair Brush

Dig, tweeze, pull, and grab that hair out of your hairbrush. Leaving your hair in your brush for long periods of time can give your brush not only a not so cute look-but leave build up on the brush that will simply go back into your cuticles and cause dandruff (no thanks!!)

2. Scrub Scrub Scrub

You can scrub your brush with a gentle shampoo and toothbrush (weird I know but it works) make sure to scrub well and get in between each bristle. Build up is small, but mighty. 

3. Soak

If you have absolutely no patience to even Iook at your hairbrush while you clean it, get a warm bowl of water, shampoo, and some baking soda. Mix it all together and soak that baby in for a couple of minutes. Please remember to dry it well, that would be so weird if you didn't.

So get to it and clean that brush of yours, and make sure to follow us @fanola for more things Fanola!