Things You Need: The Bold Blonde Duo

Things You Need: The Bold Blonde Duo

Are you blonde and in need of an extra bounce in your step? Then we have the right duo for you. The Bold Blonde Duo comes with our two shampoo's that will guarantee your blonde hair shine bright and look as full as ever.

Vegan No Yellow

Our Vegan No Yellow Shampoo is formulated with a vibrant violet pigment that cancels out yellow tones for bleached, blonde, balayage, babylights and grey hair allowing your hair to live its best life.


Volumizing Shampoo

This shampoo is formulated with vitamin B5. It binds to water molecules so it locks in the moisture already in the hair, keeping the roots sleek and strong. This shampoo is the key to styling with hair that's full, healthy, and clean.


Allow you hair hair to live it's best life full and brass-free and get your Bold Blonde Duo HERE!