The Kit For All Your Ash Needs!

The Kit For All Your Ash Needs!

To have ashy hair means you use No Yellow. Pro Artist, Mindy put together a collection of her favorite Fanola No Yellow products for blonde hair. Not only does she recommend this to her clients, but to hairdressers too.


What The Ashy Hair Kit Includes:

Vegan No Yellow Shampoo 

This insta-famous toning shampoo is formulated with a vibrant violet pigment that cancels out yellow tones for bleached, blonde, balayage, babylights and grey hair, leaving your hair as ashy as you want!

No Yellow Bi-phase Leave-in Conditioner 

The No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave In Conditioner wraps the hair stem with an anti-frizz and anti-humidity protective film. It minimizes the yellow effect, whilst detangles and moisturizes the hair fibers all at the same time. 


No Yellow Care Incredible Foam Conditioner

With a mousse like texture, this conditioning toning foam is perfect for all blondes. The violet pigment, from blueberry and blackberry extract, neutralizes unwanted yellow in under 2 minutes. Ideal for people with fine, grey, ash, super lightened, bleached or blonde hair, this Vegan No Yellow Toning Foam is also infused with bilberry so that your hair does not overtone. This will give you the shine, silkiness and softness back your blonde locks have been missing!


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