The Fanola Line You Need: Curly Shine

The Fanola Line You Need: Curly Shine

Calling all curly girls, these two Fanola Curly Shine products will be your new bestie and help those curls of yours stay hydrated and healthy as ever! Let's break them down:

Curly Shine Shampoo

This life-breathing shampoo is designed to specifically keep curls healthy. The conditioning formula won't over dry your curls or waves.  It uses silk proteins to hydrate the hair and sets into the strands to restore elasticity, reduce frizz and add bounce. Your curls will thank you endlessly for this.


Curly Shine Mask

If you need help keeping your curls fresh and frizz free this weightless conditioning mask will transform frizzy hair into sleek healthy strands. This mask is formulated with Silk Proteins and Coconut oil to nourish parched strands, banish brittleness, and bring back bounce to those gorgeous curls of yours.

Try these out on your fabulous curls and follow us @fanola for all things Fanola!