The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

There are 6 different face shapes, and each face shape has hairstyles that compliment them the most. Let's break them down to see what hairstyle would work best for your face shape.



Oval Face

An oval face has a forehead and jawline that are the same width, and your chin is round in shape with no hard lines. People with oval face shapes look great in bob’s that go above your shoulder, curtain bangs, pixie cuts, and layered long hair, trendy hair is your friend! 


Oblong Face 

This face shape can rock the chic short bob look to the max. Your face is longer than it is wider and your chin is pointed while having straight cheek lines which means you can also get away with super long hair with volume and waves. It’s sophisticated and compliments your face shape.


Round Face

Buns, bangs, and a middle part are your calling! Your face is wider and shorter with a circular shape, you have a low round hairline and your face is wider at your cheeks and ears. Long hair is v flattering, and so are some cute side bangs.


Diamond Face

Lucky you! This is the rarest face shape of them all. Your forehead and jawline are similar width, and your face is longer with a pointier chin. You can get away with most hairstyles, short, long, bobs, middle part, side part, the hair world is your oyster!


Square Face

Square faces have strong angled jaw lines with square chins. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all the same width which makes the best hairstyles for you to be layers with fringe, straight long hair, and shaggy subtle see-through bangs. Rockstar energy for-sure.


Heart Face

Your face is wide at the forehead and temples, while having high and angled cheekbones, with a narrow jaw, and a pointy chin. Your best hairstyles are long side swept bangs, and ponytails look AMAZING on you. You can get away with both long or short hair ( we're jealous!)

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