Teena’s No Yellow Trio Review!

Teena’s No Yellow Trio Review!

Our Social Media Editor, Teena is the go-to Fanola content gal. When she's not creating outstanding content for our IG and YouTube, she's testing out our new products to make sure they're the best of the best. Check out Teena's Review on our new No Yellow Trio:


Fanola recently came out with the No Yellow Care line and I couldn’t be any more excited to try these products out on my hair! I’ve been blonde for more than ten years and taking care of my hair is very important because it is constantly being chemically altered by bleach and toners. On top of that, I have very frizzy hair so I am always using blowdryers, flat irons or curling irons to style my hair everyday. All these chemicals and heat can make my hair very dry and damaged, so when Fanola released the No Yellow Care line, I was super excited to try these out ASAP!

The new No Yellow Care line consists of the No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream which is a cream-based heat protectant. Then there is the 2-Phase Potion Bi-phase No Yellow Leave-in Conditioner which is a liquid-based detangling spray. The last product in this line is the No Yellow Shield Mist which is a light mist spray which can be used as a heat protectant or a finishing spray to keep your hair frizz free and shiny. But hold on, it gets even better. These products have a purple pigment to help brighten up your blonde hair and minimize any yellow reflections in the hair!

I would like to mention that I did not use any No Yellow or No Orange shampoo when I washed my hair. I used only the Fanola Energizing Shampoo and Nutri Care Conditioner because I wanted to see how well the No Yellow Care line’s purple pigment works to brighten up my blonde hair.

Thermo-Protective Cream

The first product I used was the Thermo-Protective Cream. After showering, I towel dried my hair and put about one pump of this product into my hand. I rubbed my hands together then worked the product throughout my hair. Right away, I could feel my hair detangling and it felt very sleek. Most cream-based products make my hair feel heavy, but this one did not. The smell of the product reminded me of sweet berries! 

No Yellow Care 2-Phase Potion Bi-phase No Yellow Leave-in Conditioner

For the second step, I went in with the 2-Phase Potion Bi-phase No Yellow Leave-in Conditioner. I sprayed this onto the lengths of my damp hair and let me tell you...this product detangled my hair like a dream! I love how lightweight this spray is and it also smells great too. It has a slightly different scent than the cream. To me it smelled like a fancy cologne!


No Yellow Shield Protective Mist

The last product I used was the Shield Mist. Now, since I already used the thermo-protective cream as my heat protectant, I decided to use this mist as a setting spray after I blowdryed and styled my hair. Whenever I curl my hair, I love to brush out the curls using my fingers with a serum in my hands. Since this is in a mist form, I simply just sprayed this onto my hair and then brushed out my curls with my bare hands. I love the way this mist instantly made my hair feel really soft and gave my hair some shine as well. The mist is very lightweight and fine, so it did not dampen my hair. For the smell, it also had that fancy cologne smell but it was slightly different from the bi-phase spray.


My overall experience with this new line was that I was very pleased with the results! I think the three products used together worked very well with each other. I definitely love how my hair felt when I applied the cream and the bi-phase spray together on damp hair. The shield mist was also the cherry on top. I could not stop touching my soft, silky hair! Since these products did have a purple pigment, in no way did it make my blonde hair super ashy or silver but it definitely did make my blonde look slightly more cool toned than before. If you are looking for maximum anti-yellow action, I recommend washing your hair with the No Yellow Shampoo or Mask and pairing it with these three products. If you want to hear more about my experience, be sure to check it out on our Fanola YouTube Channel in the video titled, “Best Post-Shower Products For Blonde Hair! 💜” below!