Taking Care Of Your Hair Takes Care Of Your Skin

Taking Care Of Your Hair Takes Care Of Your Skin

Having great skin is always a desire everyone has, while having a great skin care routine with $70 moisturizers and a face mask stash that can last a lifetime helps, you might be messing up one part of your routine that could be giving your skin acne: your hair! Yup, it all comes together in the end. 

Here are some tips on how to make sure your hair helps your skin, not hurts it.

Keep dirty hair away from face

Oily hair causes dirty skin really fast, having a down hairstyle on your no wash days can definitely cause some acne around your face, especially if you wear bangs. If your hair is dirty,  try to have a hairstyle that is away from your face, like a high pony or pin your bangs back with some bobby pins! Also, if you can’t decide to wash your hair in the morning or at night, choose night. Having clean hair when you lay down is always better than having dirty hair touch your pillow case and face while you’re sleeping. Try to have your hair away from your face when you're sleeping as well, especially for those of you restless sleepers! 



Shower right

When singing in the shower, make sure to start from the top! Wash your hair before you wash the rest of your body, this will make sure that your skin is clean after washing the dirt out of your hair! After a workout, if you don’t plan on washing your hair, rinse it at least. Sweat will clog your pores in your hairline after an intense workout, so rinsing your hair out will keep your pores clean. 



Don’t apply products directly to hair

Rather than spraying products directly to hair which can easily cause a skin breakout, apply them to your fingers or comb/brush instead. Not only does this help the hair products get in your hair thoroughly, but it lessens the chances of your skin getting irritated and breaking out. 



Try these tips out to take care of both your hair and skin! And make sure to follow us on Instagram @Fanola for all things Fanola!