Taking Care of Your Blonde #onthego

Taking Care of Your Blonde #onthego

We all love to relax when we travel, but don’t relax on your hair care routine! We know it’s easy to forget about your hair when you’re on vacay, but Fanola is here to help you stay on top of your hair care, even when you’re out and about! Here are the 5 ways to maintain your blonde while traveling!

1. Trim before your trip

Trimming your hair before your trip will allow you to get rid of any split ends lying around that might grow out even more on your trip. Trimming your dead ends will give you a healthy look and feel before your fun vacation!

2. Don’t leave out your hair care products when you pack

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean your hair is! Don’t leave out your conditioners and sprays because you think its too much to carry on the plane. Instead of bringing the whole bottle, squeeze your products into travel sized containers. They last longer than you think and you’ll be able to care for your hair on the go!

That especially goes for your purple shampoo. You can’t leave your purple shampoo at home just because you think its too much to do over seas, because it isn't. You don’t need to put your purple shampoo in a travel size container either, because Fanola has you covered.

Fanola No Yellow Vegan travel sizes are perfect to take on the go. It comes with the shampoo and mask so there is no excuse to leave your purple shampoo at home! It delivers all the promises it makes in its original formula but with even healthier ingredients just in a smaller bottle. It’s also 100% vegan, 100% free of Sulfates, Paraben, and Silicons to protect the quality and health of your hair!

3. Use 10 action spray to revive hair from sunlight

After a long day at the beach or in the sun, using a conditioning hair spray could replenish & revive your tired hair! The sun’s UV’s can be super harmful to bleached hair. If color treated blonde hair is in the sun for too long, the melanin in your hair gets damaged which leads to your hair getting lighter, making you lose your color and turning your blonde dull. Our Nutri One 10 Azioni Spray Mask Leave in, will re-hydrate your hair after it's been in the sun for a while, preventing any color loss to your locks!

4. Don’t overheat your hair

Don’t waste suitcase space with your hair dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. Pick one! Your hair does not need to go through all that for your vacation, give your hair some rest from the heat. Your hair can get some major damage if you use excessive heat, and since you're traveling your hair won't be used to the weather which will force you to want to use more heat, but DON'T (but also don't leave the hotel with wet hair, are you crazy?

5. Don’t mix your blonde with chlorine!

Color treated blondes and chlorine are enemies -the copper in water is oxidized by chlorine and produces a green tint to your hair, and if that's not the look you're going for then stay away. If you go swimming, try to rinse your hair with clear water before to lessen saturation from the chlorine, and afterwards make sure to wash your hair immediately to get all the chlorine off. You could also apply oil before swimming to create a barrier for your hair. You could use Fanola Nutri Care restructuring Oil and apply it before you enter the pool so you can be protected the entire time!

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