Stay-at-home self care ideas!

Stay-at-home self care ideas!

It's 2021, it's time to self care babe. If you're out of ideas on how to self care that mind and body of yours, here are some of our fave ways to do so: 

Write a handwritten letter to a loved one 

We're so used to texting and calling but what about an old-fashioned hand written letter! That's a fun way to stay connected your loved ones will enjoy receiving something so personal.

Paint your nails 

Perfect that nail art you've always wanted to try with all those nail polishes you have! Our Fanola Babe @laurenladnier is our go-to gal for nail art inspo. She always has the coolest nails, and you can try and recreate your own at home! 

Declutter your makeup drawer 

We all have makeup we don't use anymore and we never have time to take it out, but guess what? Now we have time! Take time out of your day to declutter old makeup and make room for the new! 

Detox your closet

If you haven't worn it in years, get rid of it sis. Take time to fix up your closet and you'll be feeling organized when you're done! 

Makeup Tutorials

Whether you're filming one or watching one, it's fun either way. Practicing a new makeup look can make you feel productive AND confident! 

Have a movie marathon

Find a theme for a movie and watch all of them! For example choose your favorite actor/actress and make it a point to try and watch all their movies in one day.  Watching all your favorite movies of your favorite celeb in one day is a for-sure way to have a good day.

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