Self-Care Diaries: Mental Health

Self-Care Diaries: Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is essential especially during a crazy year. It's easy to feel overwhelmed while the world is in an unsure state. So while self-caring your skin and hair can be fun, self-caring mentally is just as important and cam be just as fun. Here are some quick tips on how to take care of your mental health we recommend! 


1. Watch something you love

Whether it's that movie you never got to watch, or rewatching your comfort show for the 16th time, watching something to lift your mood up is always a good idea. You don't even have to pay full attention to the show, just having the background noise of a TV show or movie you love can make a difference in your mood. 

2. Contact loved ones

FaceTime dates, Zoom parties, or sending a letter, are all great ways to keep in contact with your loved ones while social distancing. Talking to someone will help allow you to feel connected to your friends & fam even if you can't see them yet IRL. 

3. Dress up and take a selfie

Getting ready and taking a selfie is a form of self-care ok and you know it. 

4. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to distract yourself and listen to something you genuinely enjoy while doing any activity you feel like doing. Whether you're putting on a hair mask or attempting to do at-home gel nails, a podcast can really entertain you and put you in a good mood. 

5. Order-in/cook your favorite food

This isn't a time to be lame about food! Order from your fave restaurant or cook that dish you always wanted to try. Don't make yourself feel bad about eating something you love. It's a pandemic, you're allowed to eat a McChicken once in a while. 

6. Read!!

Reading is relaxing and can get you out of a negative headspace at anytime. Indulge in some good reads and give your mind a break from the real world! 

Try out these tips to take care of your mental health, and make sure to follow us at @Fanola and DM us on how you're self caring!