Reminder: Take A Deep Cleanse

Reminder: Take A Deep Cleanse

This is your reminder to take a deep cleanse because you deserve it. Don't know how? Here are some of our ideas on how you can take your own deep cleanse and chill-ax during these stressful times. 

For The Hair


Get in there like swimwear with Fanola's Purity Shampoo. It gets deep into your roots and deep cleanses your scalp to remove any dandruff and build up you got going on. 10/10 would recommend. 


Bring some balance to your life with the Rebalance Shampoo. If you need to control the crazy amounts of oil in your hair, Rebalance is made for you. Stop feelings gross and deep cleanse that scalp of yours in the comfort of your own shower!

For The Mind 


Crack open your favorite book, make yourself a drink, and relax. A deep cleanse is from the inside too, so make sure your inside is good before you even focus on the outside. 


Unpopular opinion (or maybe popular opinion), watching your fave shows and movies is a perfect way to self-care and declutter that mind of yours after a long day of thinking. Take your mind off the world and tune out.


Listen to your favorite music, podcast, or e-book, and really focus on it. A lot of the time we use music or podcasts as background noise but when's the last time you really sat there and truly listened and enjoyed every second of your favorite song?!

For The Soul

Protect that soul of yours and log off social media sometimes. Our world is obsessed with scrolling through Instagram, watching TikToks, posting on Twitter, etc. It's okay to put your phone down, spend some quality time with yourself, clear your head, and be at peace with your thoughts and mood. That's the best part of the deep cleanse sis.

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