Recreate 'Real Housewives' Hair at Home

Recreate 'Real Housewives' Hair at Home

Turn up the volume, because the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back and better than ever. Between the luxurious vacations, fancy brunches, and Lisa Rinna's dancing Instagram videos, we can't help but notice one thing, the housewives HAIR. No hair strand is ever out of place, and we can't help but wonder, how can we recreate their fabulous hair, from home?

Kyle Richards

Between having her clothing line, and setting up the most eventful dinner parties, Kyle Richard's has always had sleek, dark, shiny hair that is impossible to ignore since season one. 

To recreate a look like Kyles, use a scalp massager brush to take care of your hair follicles, and have your hair grow as soft and healthy as hers. Shampooing your hair with the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner will also be sure to have your hair growing as long as Kyles! 

Dorit Kemsley 

Queen of glam Dorit Kemsley always has it together. Her makeup's flawless, her clothes are out of this world, and her hair is always full of volume. She never has a bad hair day and always makes sure to arrive at every event with the best hair. 

When recreating her waves, shampoo with the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner to create a fuller effect on the hair. Use a flat iron to create the Beachy loose waves, a curling iron may cause the curls to be a bit too harsh.  Part your hair down the middle with a hair comb, and finish styling with any of our serums to create her shine.

Erika Girardi 

Erika Girardi also known as Erika Jayne, is the life of every housewife party. Her outfits shine bright, and so does her hair. Her glam squad always gives her voluminous hair that's always a showstopper and unforgettable.

To recreate her look, use a detangler brush before you style your hair, and a hair comb to tease it to create that full look she always has! Use sectioning clips when curling or straitening your hair, so you style every lock you have, just like she does! 

Garcelle Beauvais 

She may be new to the housewives, but she's no rookie. Garcelle's hair is long, luscious, and effortless. Between being a busy mom and getting to know her new co-stars, Garcelle's hair always looks like she just walked out of the styling chair.

To recreate her effortless look, grab that comb to middle part your hair, and make sure to use a scalp massager before styling to create her perfect laid back look that always has a healthy shine.

Teddi Mellencamp

No matter how hard she works out, her hair is never messed up. Teddi Mellencamp fitness guru's blonde locks are always properly placed. 

To recreate a look like Teddi's make sure to use sectioning clips when styling, and wash your hair with the Volumizing Duo to create a look as full as hers. Whether it's curled or straight, Teddi's hair is always full of life, and yours will be too!

Lisa Rinna

Between hanging out with her supermodel daughters, and dancing on Instagram, Lisa Rinna makes sure to always have her iconic hair-do maintained. Short and volumized, Lisa's hair never goes unnoticed.

To recreate her look, use a flat iron to create her wispy locks, that always makes her hair look like it's constantly blowing in the wind! Use a scalp massager to have your short hair as shiny as hers. 

Denise Richards

Model and mom Denise Richards has been known for years to have the best bod and the best blonde long hair. The actress and model always has volumized and healthy hair that we have always wanted ours to look like.

To recreate her signature long waves, use a flat iron to create the waves, but brush them out afterward. This will create a loose look and make it look like you just got back from the beach, just like she always does. 

Want to recreate housewife hair at home? Try our Hair Thickening Volumizing Duo Kit that comes with all the products mentioned above to recreate your fave RHOBH look!