Quarantine Self Care Diaries: Vision Boards

Quarantine Self Care Diaries: Vision Boards

Vision Boards are a great way to visualize what you want to manifest, and what a great time to start during quarantine. With all this time to ourselves, it can be easy to fall into a negative mindset where you feel unsure or stressed about where you want your life to go next. Taking care of your mental health during this time is important, and a way to stay positive and hopeful is by creating a vision board to create and manifest the life you want and dream of!

Here's an example of a Fanola vision board with our babes @cloesshi and @princessmei featured! 


There are two forms of vision boards. 

1. IRL

IRL vision boards are a very fun activity to do that'll keep your spirits high. Look through magazines or newspapers you like and cut out any photos that inspire you and relate to your goals. Physically cutting them out and pasting them onto a board is so rewarding, especially when you're finished and you can hang it up anywhere you want. Not only do you feel motivated, but you added DIY decor to your room!


2. Online

Find photos online that speak to you and give you major inspo. You can find pics on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can create your vision boards on Pinterest by pinning photos you find to a Pinterest board, use your Instagram saved tool, or even go onto a graphic design website and create your board on there. Either way you do it, seeing all these photos that inspire you in grid form will be a great way to visualize your goals.

You can create a vision board to surround any aspect of your life, whether it be career, style, fashion, and yes, even hair. It's a great way to take care of your mental health, and remind yourself that there is good coming and that you can achieve everything you imagine and strive for!  

Here are some great vision board inspos we love, that'll hopefully inspire yours! 

above is via patterncurator.com 



via @mayfairgroup

The great thing about vision boards is that you can interpret them and design them the way YOU want. Creating a visual representation of your goals in whatever aspect of your life is one step to manifesting the life you want and allowing yourself to do so creatively and positively. Mental health care is a form of self-care!

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