Quarantine Self Care Diaries: Hair Taboos

Quarantine Self Care Diaries: Hair Taboos

We love showing off great hair, looking at great hair, and having great hair. But what happens when your hair doesn't make you feel so great?

Like when you wash your hair but then notice it get oily 2 hours later, or when your scalp is on fire from all the itchiness your dandruff is giving you, or when your hair has stayed the same length for years no matter how hard you try to make it grow. No one shows any of that on Instagram, but it exists, and we're here to show you that it's okay, and fixable! 

Though these topics may be taboo, we don't have to ignore them and live in fear of talking about them. Fanola can help even your most awkward hair concerns! 

Hair Loss/Hair Growth 

If you're experiencing hair loss and your hair needs some TLC to be able to grow, try Fanola's Energy Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo. Many people experience thinning hair and hair loss for a multitude of reasons. This energizing shampoo is formulated with a combination of rosemary and nettle extract that purify and rebalance the health of your hair follicles. The Soy Protein in the shampoo stimulates activity at the bulb of the hair, promoting blood flow to that scalp of yours to encourage more hair growth. Yay for you and long hair!

Dry Scalp

If you have overwhelming dandruff and dry scalp, Purity Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is going to be your best friend. It's a purifying shampoo that cleans hair down to the scalp, leaving your hair and head free of harmful microbes that can cause dandruff and inflammation. It's enriched in Rosemary and Thyme Extract as well as piroctone olamine, and a mix of other bacteria-fighting elements. It's a great cleansing shampoo that will make your itchy scalp feel way more refreshed and end your battle with dandruff. 

Oil Control

If your hair gets way too oily way too fast,  you need some Rebalance Anti-Grease Shampoo in your life! The Rebalance Shampoo removes the build-up of sebum, leaving hair full of shine and life, while the rebalancing action helps purify the scalp preventing oil from going wild. It's enriched with delicate surfactant agents, citric acid, and Wheat Protein that helps to remove built-up oil from the scalp. It'll clean it all up and get rid of that annoying oily feeling your hair always gives you. 

Our brand new Scalp Care Kits come with your choice of specialty shampoo, a scalp massage hairbrush, a hair tamer detangling brush, a hair comb, hair ties, and hair sectioning clips. All things to help you help your scalp and help your honest hair concerns!

Try out this kit to help you get over your hair taboo's and get the Instagram famous hair you deserve! 

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