Update Your Hair Care Routine

Update Your Hair Care Routine

Is your hair bothering you during quarantine? Because same. We know it can be difficult to want to keep up with your hair care routine, considering you're not going outside very much, and is the grocery store really worth washing your hair for? We don't know. 

But, switching up and keeping up with your hair care routine can not only make your hair feel better, but you feel better as well. Don't take your hair for granted just because you're not showing her off at the moment. 

Need some help adding some new additions to your home hair care routine? We can help! 


For the too oily to handle hair 

You have oily hair, and it feels like it will never stop. You can't help but ask yourself, will it ever stop? The answer is yes! Yes it will with the right products! 

Some Fanola to add into your hair care routine: 

 Pre-Shampoo Scrub

This pre-shampoo scrub is made with wheat proteins which react with sebum, removing excessive build up and leaving the hair bright, shining, and rebalanced. It's the extra boost you need when the head needs some help getting back to a happy medium, and less on the oil. 

Rebalance Shampoo

Fanola Rebalance Anti-Grease Shampoo is great for oil control and is formulated with surf-active agents and wheat proteins that bond strongly to the oil build up and help you wash it all away!

Purity Shampoo

Fanola Purity Anti-Dandruff Shampoo not only fights dandruff, but it's extra cleansing so it will make sure to clean out any excess oil that's been bothering you!

Fanola tip: Sleeping with your hair up will prevent excess oil from spreading, and will also prevent the oil in your hair to cause you any face acne. 


For the too itchy to handle hair

Your scalp won't stop itching no matter what you do. 

Some Fanola to add into your hair care routine:

Purity Shampoo

The best dandruff shampoo in the game! It will most certainly make a difference in your hair and cure your itchy scalp, and prevent any further inflammation that causes itchiness. 

Fiber Fix Shampoo 

This shampoo repairs damage that your hair might have gone through, but it surprisingly helps an itchy scalp as well! It's a deep cleanse that will moisturize your scalp and prevent dandruff from ruining your day.

Fanola Tip: Don't wash your hair with too hot of water, Hot water can dry up your skin and cause your scalp to burn and create even more of an itch sensation. 


The overly sensitive scalp 

Anything you put on your head irritates you AND your scalp. 

Some Fanola to add into your hair care routine:

Cool, Calm & Cleansed Kit

A kit made for sensitive scalp that includes:

  • 1- 350ml SensiCare Shampoo
  • 1- Hair Tamer Scalp Massage Hair Brush
  • 1- Hair Tamer Detangling Brush
  • 3 - Hair Tamer Hair Rings
  • 6 - Hair Tamer Black Plastic Hair Sectioning Clips
  • 1- Carbon Hair Comb with Rattail

All things to help your sensitive scalp, including a shampoo that will not irritate the scalp!

Purity Shampoo 

The cleansing shampoo will not be harsh on your scalp, it'll only cleanse and relieve any inflammation on the scalp.

Nutri Care Shampoo

The milk proteins in the shampoo are high in fat which helps moisturize hair and prevent split ends. The milk proteins leave hair silky, soft, brilliant, and easy to comb (emphasis on the easy to comb). 

Fanola Tip: Hair-drying your hair and over-styling it can make your sensitive scalp feel worse. Allow your scalp to rest and air dry sometimes as well as leave your hair at it's natural state rather than styling. 


Try out those additions to your hair care routine, and don't forget to follow us @FANOLA for all things Fanola!