Products From The Fanola Styling Tools Line You NEED!

Products From The Fanola Styling Tools Line You NEED!

It's time to show some love to our Styling Tools Line. Each product has its own set of benefits that are too good to ignore. 

Fanola Thermo Shield - Thermal Protective Spray

This spray provides a powerful lining that protects your hair from heat and fever, it makes it easier for the hair to flatten at high temperatures and gives the hair a luster and smoothness.

Fanola Flexi Pomade - Texturizing Paste with Flexible Hold

This pomade is ideal for creating wavy hairstyles or defining curls, with a matte volume effect. Provides clearly defined, smooth hairstyles with a long lasting effect.



Fanola Extreme Gel - Extreme Fluid Gel

Whether you're styling a slick back bun, or a high pony, this extreme gel leaves no build up and gives a smooth finish when styling those locks. 

Fanola Super Light Spray - Anti Frizz Glossing Spray

Bye-bye frizz! This formula does not stick but makes your hair extremely glossy without tamping it down. It eliminates frizz and is very effective in making your hair less frizzy!

Fanola Curl Control - Curl Defining Fluid

This liquid formula is made to emphasize, define and restore elasticity to the naturally curly hair and makes your cute curls defined as ever.


Fanola Extra Grip- Extra Strong Gel

This gel is perfect for modern and trendy hairstyles. This completely new Styling experience was developed in consultation with top stylists directly in hairdressing salons. 3 new technologies: 'Free humidity technology: provides for order' effect on the hair and counteracts the frizz against thermal technology: by adding heat they will activate the products and protect at the same time before the heat technology of dryers

Fanola Bright Crystals - Glossing Crystals

This serum is the most fabulous serum to have. Not only does it make your hair as shiny as ever, but it smells and feels amazing while making your hair look like you just stepped out of a hair commercial. 



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