Meet The Newest Additions To The No Yellow Line

Meet The Newest Additions To The No Yellow Line

Every blonde's best friend is No Yellow, and we're happy to announce we have some additions to the No Yellow line. Meet our newest No Yellow babies for all the blonde babes out there!


The No Yellow Shield Protective Mist

Blonde hair is constantly exposed to a set of external and internal factors, whose interactions provoke a somatic response related to the hair health. Some of these factors are: Heat, Humidity, Pollution (gross). Thanks to the "Shield Defense" Technology, the No Yellow Shield Protective Mist protects hair from smog, pollution and other external aggressive and oxidant agents. We love this for you.


No Yellow Care Bi-phase No Yellow Leave-in Conditioner

The No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave In Conditioner wraps the hair stem with an anti-frizz and anti-humidity protective film. It minimizes the yellow effect, while detangling and protecting your blonde.


No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream

The No Yellow Thermo Protective Cream protects hair from the heat of hairdryers, straighteners and other heating tools. It carries out an anti-oxidizing action, while it seals the hair fibers and prevents split-ends. Swoon-protected and cute? We're down. 


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