Luxurious Shampoos to Use When You're Feeling Fancy

Luxurious Shampoos to Use When You're Feeling Fancy

So you're feeling fancy and want to treat yourself to some luxury. Well, your hair deserves luxury too! You have to get yourself a luxurious shampoo to match your luxurious style, here's the best luxurious Fanola shampoos to use when you're feeling fancy! 


For The Fancy Girl With Frizzy Hair

Pure Diamond Keratin Shampoo

This shampoo will refresh and rehydrate your hair, and make your head fresh, full, and frizz-free. With a powerful mixture of oils and micro-active gold aids, it will leave your hair with shine, and protection against oxidization. 



For The Fancy Blonde

Pure Sapphire Keratin Shampoo

This shampoo cleans hair with easy chemicals while adding protection by using Argan oil. It boosts your color with its micro-active gold formulation and will bring back the shine and shimmer to blonde, white, or grey hair!


For The Fancy Girl With Damaged Hair 

Pure Ruby Keratin Shampoo

Pure Ruby Keratin Shampoo is made with Keratin proteins and Argan oil to restore hair back to its natural strength. This luxurious shampoo will clean with ease and without using any harsh chemicals to rebuild your hair structure. 


For The Fancy Girl Who Colors Her Hair A Lot

Oro Puro Illuminating Shampoo

This shampoo cleans hair with a delicate mixture of Argan and sweet Cypress oil. It will protect your hair from aging effects and harsh natural elements like UV radiation. It will enhance hair color and have your hair feeling light, soft, and clean!

Treat yourself to some luxury, get yourself these luxurious Fanola shampoos to match your luxurious self, and make sure to follow us @Fanola for all things Fanola!