How To Keep Your Hair Bright & Bouncy This Summer

How To Keep Your Hair Bright & Bouncy This Summer

It's summertime and nothing is worse than feeling as though your hair is heavy and full of product in the middle of a hot summer day. It's time to make your haircare routine light and airy! Keep the beach girl vibes all summer by incorporating these light feeling Fanola products into your hair care routine. 


Volumizing Shampoo

Keep the volume alive in your hair all summer long by using the Volumizing Shampoo in your shower! It's not heavy but will definitely make your hair look full and voluminous! 


Nutri Care Bi-Phase Leave-in Conditioner

Renew lifeless hair and keep your locks bouncy and bright by incorporating this leave-in conditioner spray into your hair care routine. Not only will it make your hair feel light and healthy, but it will give you a glow all summer long. 


Oro Color Mask

Keep your locks colorful during the summer by using Oro Color Masks! From Pink, Violet, and everything in between, these masks are sure to keep your hair vibrant! 


Super Light Spray

Keep it light and frizz free with our Super Light Spray. It'll prevent static, and keep your hair glossy and bright for the entire day.


Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

End your morning or night hair care routine with our Nutri Care Restructuring Serum that not only leaves your hair shiny and soft, but will have your hair smelling as sweet as ever! 

Incorporate these Fanola products to keep your hair light, bright, and bouncy all summer long! Check back here for more Fanola blogs and make sure to follow us @Fanola for all things Fanola!