How to Keep Your Hair Cool, Calm, & Cleansed

How to Keep Your Hair Cool, Calm, & Cleansed

Feel like your hair needs to be cooler? Feel like it needs to be calmer? Or maybe a little more cleansed? Us too. Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you need to forget about your hair health. Keep your hair cool, calm, and cleansed with these easy looks that will for sure make your quarantine selfie be the most popular pic on the timeline.  



Fanola Babe, @iammbunny  is the ultimate cool girl with the perfect messy bun. Messy buns are great when you want to just relax, take your hair away from your face, and get some stuff done! Sassy, productive, and so so cool, just like her. 


Braids are always a cute idea, and a calming hair-do to create! Queen of fabulous braids is our babe @okevaaa. If you need some inspo on some amazing braids, you can always look at her insta and find gorgeous looks like this one! Braiding tip: make sure to use the perfect comb to comb out any tangles to keep your braids from causing any knots in your hair!


Half-up- half-down is for-sure a must when taking a quarantine selfie. Babe @itsaangtime adds some beach waves to her half-up-half-down look that we love. If you have a sensitive scalp and are afraid of high and tight ponies, use the Fanola Sensi Care Shampoo to gently cleanse and re-hydrate your hair. The shampoo uses Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 which reduces redness and any uncomfortable itching. It will cleanse your hair v gently!

Try out our Cool, Calm, & Cleansed Hair Kit to keep your hair chill and cool as ever for your quarantine selfies.