If You Have Oily Hair, Read This

If You Have Oily Hair, Read This

Oily hair can mean healthy hair, but there's a breaking point where it can affect your mood and hairstyles. Some people are just a little greasier than others no matter what! Although it's tough, its curable!

Fanola has a solution to this problem with an anti-grease shampoo, Rebalance. It is formulated with surf-active agents and wheat proteins that bond strongly to the oil build up and help you wash it all away. This shampoo clears the oil path so you can get a clean start on styling ASAP!

About Rebalance:

Rebalance Shampoo is made with surfactant agents, Citric Acid, and Wheat Protein that helps fight oil build up all while purifying your scalp. 

If you're hair is constantly oily no matter how many times you wash your hair or don't wash your hair, try out Rebalance to rebalance the oils in your hair to get rid of the overwhelming build up!

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