If You Hate Your Hair, Read This

If You Hate Your Hair, Read This

So you hate your hair. It's damaged, your hairstylist messed up, quarantine got to it, or you're just plain unhappy with it atm. Well, don't worry, even if you hate it, Fanola is here to help you self love your hair back to life. Read our guide below for some products we recommend to have you hate your hair a little less. 

Fiber Fix Duo

It genuinely fixes it. For anyone with damaged, bleached, or chemically treated hair, Fiber Fix should be your go-to. Thanks to its ability to seek out and repair broken bonds in your hair shaft the Fiber Fix Shampoo and Bond Connector are the ones that'll bring your hair back to life. 


Nutri Care Serum

This smoothing serum will for sure bring back those lifeless ends you dread looking at. It has a formula full of bonding materials and natural oils from Aloe Vera and Linseed to give back that healthy shine to tired hair. It's great for bringing hair back to a natural smooth state after a long day. 


Nutri Care Mask

Nutri Care once again to save the day. The Nutri Care Mask is the ultimate mask to use for moisture. This restructuring mask works deeper to heal individual strands, smooth breakages, and keep your stressed hair nourished, silky, and soft. Slather and massage a healthy dollop into your hair and in less than ten minutes, the oil-rich formula will leave your hair soft AF.


Nutri Care Bi-Phase Spray

This spray will nurse your health back to health ASAP. It will renew lifeless hair with this restructuring leave-in conditioner while de-tangling and hydrates the hair fibers, leaving hair instantly silky and luminous. It's enriched with Keratin and Milk Proteins, which eliminates frizz while restoring extraordinary strength and vitality in your hair. Hop out of the shower and spray this on towel-dried hair for optimal results. 

Try out these Fanola goodies to keep your hair healthy and bring it back to life. Stop hating on your hair, your hair deserves some love!

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