I Tried The Nutri Care Mask

I Tried The Nutri Care Mask

Mona, our Influencer and Brand Partnerships Coordinator tried the Nutri Care Mask for the first time and gave us the 411 on how it works with her cute and curly hair!

About Me:

I'm the Fanola Influencer and Brand Partnerships Coordinator.

What I look for in hair products:

Hydration, curl restructuring, and strengthening

Details about the history, type, and texture of my hair:

I have short 3A type curly hair and it’s pretty thick. If I don’t give my hair the right products during and post shower, it can be a hot mess ;)

Why I wanted to try the Nutri Care Mask:

I love our Curly Shine Mask, I use it 1-2x a month and everyone in our Fanola Fam raves about our Nutri Care Mask so I wanted to give it a shot myself.

What this product is supposed to do: 

This is our restructuring mask, so essentially it helps your hair stay strong,  nourished, silky, and soft.

How long I used the product:

When it comes to masks, it’s key for me not to over-do it because my hair can’t handle too much protein. So I will usually mask 1-2x a month. I used it in the shower after a clarifying shampoo and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. **I used this 1x over the course of the month.



Wow, talk about moisture for days! If there’s one thing this mask did, it was provide my hair with a surge of moisture. After having my curls flat-ironed for almost a week, it’s always important for me to use a mask. I think this mask is great for that! Most certainly I would recommend this mask for wavy and thick hair. It is so great for getting into every strand and providing moisture and hydration.

Would I use it again:

I really loved using this mask but I wouldn’t say it’s my Fanola Favorite for my specific type of hair. I think this mask is perfect for when your hair needs some hydration but when it comes to my curls and their structure, our Curly Shine Mask and Fiber Fix Bond Connector hook it up.

You can purchase our Nutri Care Mask HERE and make sure to follow us @Fanola for all things Fanola!