I Tried The Keraterm Kit And This Is What Happened

I Tried The Keraterm Kit And This Is What Happened

Olivia, our Marketing Coordinator tried the Fanola Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit for the first time and gave us an insight look into her experience!

About Me:

My name is Olivia and I am the Marketing Coordinator; I lead our affiliate marketing program.

What I look for in hair products:

I like hair products that are simple to use, protect my hair from my curling iron, and help my hair stay hydrated along with having it super soft.

Details about the history, type, and texture of my hair:

I dyed my hair in highschool but found that it was damaged and I used to have the absolute worst split ends. One day I shaved my head for charity and thus began a new chapter of fresh and healthy hair. After shaving my head, I didn not dye, cut or put heat tools to my hair (not even a blow dryer!). I have returned to dying my hair fun colors and currently in the process of growing my hair in length and growing color out. For the most part my hair is pretty straight for the exception of my baby hairs, those like to curl slightly. I have a little frizz but stray hairs are a close friend to me.

Why I wanted to try this product:

I wanted to try the Keraterm trio because Keratin is great for your hair in growth and health- who wouldn't want that?!


What this product is supposed to do:

This trio is supposed to help strengthen your hair with Keratin protein, Shea Butter, and Macadamia Oil which also helps to keep your hair soft and left with a shine. The spray helps strengthen and acts as a heat protectant.

How long I used the product for:

I used only these three products for one week. 



Day 1:

Typically I wash my hair every four days; so my hair was greasy and ready for a wash! I used the Keraterm Shampoo on my scalp, I noticed that I needed to use a little more than my normal shampoo, there was little suds in the lather but overall the product smelt nice and clean, it was not overpowering. Next I used the Keraterm Mask as a conditioner, applying to the mid and ends of my hair. 

Note: a little goes a long way! Typically after application, it is recommended that you put your hair in a cap but I did not have one. I twisted my hair and clipped it up and let the mask set in for 5 minutes. As I washed the product out, my hair felt great, smooth and soft. The mask smelled nice, a clean smell and was not overpowering, similar to the shampoo. The next step was to use the spray; on towel dried hair, I sprayed the product throughout my hair before blow drying it. The spray was a nice light mist which I absolutely loved because it was wide and felt one spray got a lot of coverage, ultimately using less product than my typical heat protectant or leave in conditioner spray. After blow drying, my hair felt incredibly soft, had a light shine and my hair was pretty straight- more than usual for me. I did however have slight frizz but that may be due to the fact that today I only blow dried my hair, I will flat iron tomorrow.

Day 2: 

My hair still felt super soft and looked less frizzy than day one when I blow dried. The great thing about the Keraterm spray is that it is great as a heat protectant on dmap or dried hair. Yesterday I used the spray on damp hair and today was the day to test out the product on dry hair. I sectioned my hair, doing the under layers first; sprayed the Keraterm spray  evenly throughout the section before using my flat iron. Again, I admired the spray and its wide radius  and coverage I get with it, it leaves me feeling confident that even though I'm doing less sprays of other products I use, I know my hair is getting great coverage. Less sprays means the bottle will last longer which is great! After straightening my hair, I love how soft my hair is, truly have never had a product make my hair feel this soft and then continue to stay soft throughout the day! 

There is a light shine to my hair which is good because too much of a shine can make your hair look greasy, and no one wants that. I sprayed the product on my mids and ends of my hair, my roots get greasy the fastest so I typically stray putting product on my hair for that reason. The overall look, I had some stray hairs which is natural for my hair due to my layers by my bangs but my hair was drastically less frizzy than yesterday when I only blow dried my hair. My hair feels silky soft, healthy and strong. Today I saw some friends and one person asked if I had visited my hair stylist, which was such a compliment because I did not, the Keraterm Kit left my hair looking like I had come from the salon which is every person’s hair dreams.

Day Three:

On day three and four of my hair cycle, I typically do not put products or hot tools to my hair, I usually put it up because it is beginning to look greasy. However this was not the casel; I was able to feel confident enough to leave my hair down! My hair was not greasy nor flat which is usually the case for day three and four. Again, my hair was still soft, not as silky as day one but noticeably softer than before I tried these products. 

Day Four:

From time to time I can get away with putting my hair in braids or up in a fun messy bun because this is when I usually am on the cusp of needing to wash my hair.



It made my hair extremely soft for multiple days, I would recommend this for people with light wavy to straight hair. 1000% will use it again and have been alternating between my regular shampoo (the Fanola Energy shampoo) and the Keraterm shampoo!

You can purchase our Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit HERE and make sure to follow us @Fanola for all things Fanola!