I Tried the Fanola Botugen Line

I Tried the Fanola Botugen Line

Jessica, our Education Manager tried the Fanola Botugen Maintenance Kit for the first time and gave us an insight look into her experience!

About Me: 

I manage all professional programs; including our Insider/Artist/Pro Program, Education Classes, and FCP Program. Call me the Fanola Product Guru!

What I look for in hair products: 

I have VERY fine hair and I am currently in the process of growing it out after extensions. So I need a products to give me volume, hair growth, heat protection, and natural shine (not oily!).

Details about the history, type, and texture of my hair:

The last two years my hair has been through it! Bleached to a white blonde, tape-in extensions, coloring, etc. Now I am set back to my level 6 brunette hair (yes, I am still coloring my hair). I have fine hair that comes a little past my shoulders and get a trim every 4-6 months *when I remember*.

Wash 1:

I just got home from swimming and thought this was the perfect point to try the product out!

In shower use:

After combing my hair thoroughly, I placed the products in the shower and stepped on in for the journey! Making sure the water was on cool, I began the shampoo process: lather, rinse, repeat (except no repeats here!). Popped that bottle open to the shampoo to only have the smell of the shampoo instantly transport me to a salon! 

After lathering my hair up at the roots only I then rinsed my hair with cool water. After ringing my hair dry, I then applied the Botugen mask all throughout my hair using a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the products. The smell of the mask was very mild, I got more of a Shea butter scent than anything else. Left that bad boy on my hair for 5 minutes *cue shaving and exfoliating*, then rinsed again with cool water. 

After shower:

Exiting the shower - I towel dried my hair and sprayed a few spritz of the Botugen spray in my hair and wrapped it up! After being clothed, I unwrapped my hair and sprayed a few more spritz of the Botugen spray all throughout my hair - I was a little extra with this since I was not putting any oils/lotions/sprays in my hair. Then gently combed my hair working from the bottom up and then started to blow it dry. 



HELLO GORGEOUS HAIR! My hair was so smooth, soft and shiny!


Wash 2: 

In shower use:

Now three days since my last wash, it was time to shampoo the mane. This time, after shampooing I did not use the mask - I did not do this due to the fact that since I have fine using a hair mask that frequently can cause more harm than good, adding too much protein and moisture into the hair.

After shower:

I stuck to only using the Botugen spray but this time I coated my hair with the spray due to only using Botugen Shampoo and Spray. Then, back to blow drying the hair with a Wet Brush + Round Brush.

This time I noticed a few different things from the first time using the products. My hair was still soft but I started to notice my root seemed to be pulling oil a lot quickly than normal - this is something I was expecting due to this being a treatment line and not a frequent use line.


Wash 3: 

In shower use:

Now two days since my last wash, I could not wait till day 3 due to my hair producing more oil than it did after the first wash with the Botugen line. This time, I again used the Botugen Shampoo of course with cool water. Then I ended up using the Botugen Mask but focused it to my ends since my they were needing a bit more love and conditioning, I also only left the mask on for 3 minutes vs the 5 minutes I did the first time.


After shower: 

After the shower, I just did not feel like the shampoo really cleaned my hair this time - this could be because I have been using it too frequently and for fine hair you don’t want to use treatment shampoos frequently. SO yes, I used the Botugen Spray but I had to throw in another product to help add some volume to my hair since I was already feeling like it was going very flat and oily….so I sprayed some Styling Tools Volume Spray throughout my whole head. Typically I stick to just the roots but drastic times calls for drastic measures (okay I am being a bit extra) so I sprayed it ALL OVER and didn't blow dry my hair this time, just combed the hair and let it dry naturally. 




The effects it had on my hair throughout the process:

After the first wash, it did exactly what it was supposed to do! Added fullness all throughout my hair and made it incredibly soft/shiny! However, after wash 2, and wash 3 I found it starting to work backwards with the type of hair I had. The last wash, my hair that day was losing fullness and volume throughout the day and I found myself constantly combing it or adding Dry Shampoo! 

What type of hair I would recommend it on after trying it:

This is great for everyone honestly but only has a treatment and 1-2 times a month with only the three products. If you have thick/curly/coarse hair then you could bump it to 3 times a month but fine haired humans …. 1-2x a month the most! 

Would I use it again: 

Of course! This is a great treatment line and I loved the results after the first wash! I will just have to add another round of Fanola product to my hair care monthly routine! 

You can purchase our Botugen Maintenance Kit HERE and make sure to check back here for more Fanola blogs!