I Got My Hair Done For The First Time

I Got My Hair Done For The First Time

I've always been in love with my natural black hair for as long as I can remember. I would love how much darker it would look in the winter and would be disappointed with the brown tint it would naturally develop during the summer. Having natural black hair was my thing and I told myself I'd keep it natural 4-ever (plot twist, I didn't). I loved my black hair and never thought I would ever want to change the color of it. It was the perfect color for me and nothing would ever compare.


That was of course until I discovered what blue-black hair was. When I was around 10 years old, my mother meant to dye her natural chocolate brown hair pitch-black but accidentally grabbed a blue-black box dye instead. One day on the way to dropping me off at ballet practice, she stepped out of the car into the sunlight and there it was, blue-black hair. It was the first time I ever saw anything like it and I remember thinking to myself, "WHAT? People can have hair that's black AND blue? All at the same time?!" I've been in shock ever since.

I was around 16 years old was when I started to consider dying my hair. I'd stroll the hair box dye aisle at any local CVS on my way to grab the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine. I would stare at the blue-black box for minutes but never ended up buying it because I was just too afraid to commit to dying my hair. I gave up on my blue-black hair dreams for a couple of years but after months of rigorous research and creating surveys on blue-black hair ( AKA making a Pinterest board and asking my friends if they thought it was cute), I decided I needed to at least try it out once.

So I tried it out twice. I applied blue tint and blue-black color on my hair twice and both times nothing came from it- until I realized why. My hair was TOO dark to ever show off the blue. Great, something that I loved was also the reason I can't achieve my goals? What a typical rom-com plot (that I would definitely watch but I didn't need that type of storyline with my hair, are you kidding me?)

"WHAT? People can have hair that's black AND blue? All at the same time?!"

I gave up on my blue-black hair dreams for a couple of years once again. I was sad and felt defeated knowing that I could never get the blue-black hair color that I want all because I was cursed (#blessed) with naturally thick black hair that was too dark to ever go blue without using bleach.

Fast-forward to working at Fanola. I of course get to look at a lot of hair pictures for a significant time of my workdays and although I see so many beautiful hair looks every day it wasn't until I saw our artist, Brandi's work from our Education Manager, Jessica's little purple book of talented Fanola hairstylists. That's when I knew Brandi would be the one to change the game.

After some back and forth and positive self-talk with myself about wanting to get my hair done or not I decided to go for it. And go it for it completely, 100%, full send, the whole nine yards, everything. 

I was half a hair virgin when I met Brandi. The reason I say half is because I never in my life had bleached my hair. I only dabbled in a little tint and at-home color here and there as I mentioned before, but bleach? Too far. I never wanted to bleach my hair or ever thought I would have to to be able to achieve a blue-black color ( that mindset was before working at Fanola and before knowing all the ~hair rules~ of course).

"I was half a hair virgin when I met Brandi"


But, because I was so in love with her talent and work I decided to go ahead and lose my complete hair virginity to Brandi.

Meet Brandi, also known as @brandipaintshair. She is a Fanola Artist with years of experience in creating fun and fresh colors. She's kind, funny, and v talented. It was so fun to talk to her throughout the 6-hour process of dying my hair and watching her turn my hair dreams into reality.

Here's a look into my very first professional hair appointment with @brandipaintshair.

Brandi started with bleaching my hair to lift it to a level 7/8 with clear film and 2 foils around my face to have my money piece a little brighter to highlight my face. Usually blue-black can only look blue in the sun, but because I'm super edgy and cool I wanted the blue to be able to show not only in the sun but indoors too, which meant bleaching my hair to that level was a necessity for the blue to pop from my hair.

Brandi's bleach formula: 

1. 100g Fanola Cream Lightener + 150g 30 vol

2. 100g Fanola Cream Lightener + 150g 30 vol

3. 120g Fanola Cream Lightener 160g 30 vol

Here's me as a blonde (got a little teary-eyed for a moment because my black hair was G O N E but it's ok I'm fine now!)
After going blonde (orange) it was go-time. Brandi washed my hair with Vegan No Orange Shampoo to remove any unwanted brass from my hair. 
She then proceeded to color my hair with a mix of our Fanola Oro Puro Intensifier Coloring Cream in blue and Fanola Free Paint Direct Colour in Electric Blue to create a mixture of a black and vibrant shiny dark blue.

Brandi's Blue Black Formula:

50g 1.10 +50g Blue + 25g T Blue +25g 4.22 + 225g 10 vol


After 20 minutes of letting the color set and a lot of rinses, I was blue and ready to go! Brandi captured the EXACT look I was going for and included a blue-black that is more vibrant than I could have ever dreamed it to be. You can most definitely see that my hair is blue outdoors and indoors which was such an important part for me. After years of dreaming of blue-black hair, I FINALLY have the hair color I've been wanting, all thanks to Brandi! (10-year-old Adrianna would be SO happy for me rn!)


At Home Hair Care:

So now that I have my dream hair, how do I take care of it? Here are some of Brandi's at home hair care suggestions for blue-black hair:


Thanks so much to Brandi for making my hair dreams come to life. You can follow Brandi at @brandipaintshair to book an appointment and get the hair color you've been dreaming of too.