How To: Take The Best At Home Hair Selfie

How To: Take The Best At Home Hair Selfie

A good at home hair selfie is always fun to do! Show off your at home hairstyles the right way, here are some tips on how to take the best at home hair selfie for your next insta post:

Good lighting

Good lighting is the end all be all. The right lighting can transform your selfie into something amazing! You can either use a ring light or pose by the window to optimize natural lighting on your pretty face. 


A Good Background

Make sure your background is something not too distracting that will take the attention away from your cute self and hairstyle. 


The Right Filter

Whether you use a filter or not, make sure to pick one that is flattering to the photo, and don't be afraid to play around with the contrast, highlights, and brightness to liven up that selfie. 


Don't Overthink It

You'll look great no matter what, take a photo the way you want and what will make YOU feel most confident when showing off your at home hairstyle.


Follow these tips to get your next at home hair selfie on point, and make sure to follow us @fanola to see all of our hair selfies!