How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Greasy AF

How To Stop Your Hair From Getting Greasy AF

We all know the struggle of waking up to greasy hair and even worse, not having time to wash it out. This can definitely cause a bad hair day and have your scalp feeling dirty as ever. Here are some tips to help prevent your hair from getting too greasy too fast.

Too much of anything is bad 

Too much washing can do more harm than good. Over washing can strip your hair out all of the natural oils it provides and needs. This can cause your hair to overcompensate and produce too much oil causing that gross greasy feeling we all hate and know too well. To prevent that, try keeping your wash days to a minimum. Keep it to at least 2-3 times a week and spread out the days to give your hair a chance to grow it's natural oils in between washes.


Your favorite hair brush is probably kinda dirty

Think of all the times you put product in your hair, then used your styling tools right after?! Your styling tools can have left over product that cause dirt and extra oil in your hair. The more dirt the greasier the hair, so make sure to clean your tools before and after you use them.

Stop touching your hair so much!

Notice when you're having a bad hair day that touching it only seems to make it worse? That's because touching your hair too frequently can stimulate oil glands on your scalp. Oil from your hands can also transfer to your hair causing double the dirt and grease.

Change your pillowcases (no seriously, change them)

Make sure to change your pillowcase's and bed sheets at least every 2 weeks. Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can most definitely cause dirt to transfer to not only your hair, but your skin too (no thanks!)

Your shampoo is your everything 

Make sure to stick to shampoo's that will help out your problem and not add to it by causing more oil and build up. Pick shampoo's with purpose of helping greasy hair, such as Fanola's Reblance Shampoo.

Try out these tips to help prevent any excess oil in your hair and make sure to follow us @fanola for all things fanola!