How To Prevent Damage To Your Color Treated Hair

How To Prevent Damage To Your Color Treated Hair

Damage from color treated hair is common but preventable. By maintaining your hair regimen and being consistent you can prevent your color treated hair from getting damaged.  Fanola is here to tell you some ways to prevent your color treated hair from getting damaged!


Protect yourself from heat

Not protecting your hair before applying heat can cause major long term damage. Before applying heat to your color treated hair, make sure to apply heat protecting products first. You can use the Fanola Thermo Shield, its powerful lining protects your hair from heat as well as makes it easier for your hair to flatten at high temperatures. 



Bond with your hair

To prevent damage you must bond with your hair-with a bond connector. Fanola Fiber Fix is a bond fixer treatment that rebuilds and repairs the fibers of your hair through natural chemical bonds. It also comes with the Fanola Sealing Cream that reinforces the structure of your hair with a layer of product, keeping your hair healthy. It will be able to clean your colored hair without destroying your oils or hair color.


Moisturize your hair like you would your skin

Moisturizing your skin is an important tip we know, but so is moisturizing your hair. Like with your skin, moisturizing your hair can prevent it from becoming dry. The drier your hair becomes the more it can become brittle and cause breakage. Products such as Fanola Frequent Shampoo and Nutri Care Shampoo will keep your color treated hair moisturized and prevent any breakage! 

Touch up without all the damage

Touching up your hair color is essential to maintaining a classy look for color treated hair. Using box dye will only hurt you so let's not even go there. Using an Oro Temporary Color Mask can help touch up your hair without using any harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your hair.


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