How To Prepare For Your Next Salon Visit

How To Prepare For Your Next Salon Visit

Are you ready to get rid of that quarantine color? Since it's been a minute, you're going to have to prep for your salon visit to help out your stylist. Here are some quick, safe, and easy dos and don'ts before your trip to the salon: 

DO: Wash Your Hair

You may be used to walking in with dirty hair since you know it will be washed anyways, but it's actually better to wash it beforehand. Wash your hair 12 - 24 hours before to allow the oil in your scalp to create a protective barrier. Not only will it help you and allow for your stylist to get a better and quicker look at your hair type, but it will lessen the workload for your stylist.

DO: Bring A Photo

Bring a photo for tangible inspo but don't get upset if your hair doesn't turn out exactly like the photo. Everyones head shape and hair type is different, so it's good to have an overall idea of what you want and show that to your stylist. 

DO: Take Good Care Of Your Hair At Home 

Having good hair is a lifestyle, your stylist will thank you and notice right away if you're taking care of your hair at home. It is so much easier to style and color well treated hair. (You should try out this haircare brand named Fanola, we hear they're really good!) 

DON'T: Use Purple/Blue Shampoo Beforehand 

Do this to help your stylist - if you use it too close to your appointment you are adding in more pigment into your hair and your stylist will have to break through that during your appointment. Save that fun stuff for the upkeep after your appointment!

DON'T: Lie About Your Hair Past

Do not lie about box dying or at home bleaching or whatever it is you did to mess your mane up. Your stylist will be able to tell there's damage to your hair, and it helps them and you out to know exactly what has been done to your hair so they can tend to it properly. 

DO: Follow New Health Rules

Don't put yourself or your stylist at any risk during your visit. Check with your stylists about the new guidelines regarding COVID-19 for your salon visit to keep you and everyone safe!

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