5 Ways To Style Short Hair

5 Ways To Style Short Hair

The short hair trend is back and here to stay! For a while we were having fun with long hair, but a healthy cut is always a good idea come spring time! Though short hair is a bit harder to style than long, it is not impossible, and can give you a great look when done right. Here are 5 ways to style your chic short hair!


1. Tousled Waves

Short hair looks great wavy! It gives off a beach girl relaxed look, while softening your look as well. Our Fanola Babe @katielynnestyle does a great job at styling her short hair with this look. To create this look you can curl your hair with a straightener, since a curling iron might cause a harsher curl when you're looking for more of a wavy look. Remember to use a heat protectant before applying your hot tools to create this fab look! 

2. Behind the ear

Short hair looks so great when styled behind the ear as well, it gives off a sleek look while also allowing you to show off any ear candy you may have. Very Kendall Jenner! Our Fanola Babe @lexylu does a great behind the ear look with her short locks, the length is perfect and creates a casual but clean look! 

 3. Curly

Short hair gets to rock the coolest look of them all, curly! Natural curls look amazing with short hair and give such a fun look to your hair. Fanola Babe @doralysbritto is the queen of short curly hair, and we are here for it! 


4. Low pony's

A look Mrs. Bieber invented! If your hair is short but long enough to tie it up, a low slicked back pony is so flattering. It’s such a clean look that is very low maintenance and is another look that lets you show off your ear candy as well! Our Fanola Babe @stasssy looks so great when she does hers! 

5. Bangs

Bangs look so cute and dainty on short hair, and with the right color it can be even better! Our Fanola babe @cloesshi always rocks such vibrant colors and adds bangs to her spunky and sassy look!



Try these styles out and tag us so we can see your version! And make sure to follow us on Instagram @Fanola for all things Fanola!