Fanola Team Faves

Fanola Team Faves

Our Fanola team shared their fave Fanola products to use at home, and self care tips to help out during quarantine! Get to know our team: 


Social Media Editor

PhD in Animal Crossings

Fave Fanola Products:

"Vegan No Yellow Shampoo, I love it because it makes my hair really ashy and soft. The smell is amazing and stays in my hair for days. Energy Shampoo, I’m on my 4th bottle of this stuff. I’m trying to grow my hair out super long and this has helped tremendously! I also love the smell of this shampoo. Nutri Care Serum, I know I say everything smells good, but this serum seriously smells like jolly ranchers and I can’t get enough of it. I love using this to brush out my curls and it holds my curls all day while giving it a lot of shine!"

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Self-care is important to staying sane. Do whatever you feel like doing for the day. I’m a very laid back person, so having days where I could just binge watch Netflix or take 12pm naps makes me happy"


Education Manager

Country Music Listener 

Fave Fanola products:

"It is a toss between the Energy Shampoo and Nutri Care Leave-In Conditioner! The energy shampoo helps prevent hair loss and my hair sheds like nobody's business! I've noticed less fallout! I grabbed this shampoo after I got my extensions taken out a year ago and I have had more growth in the last year than I have before in a year.  Also, hello new baby hairs - this really helps your hair grow (promise)! 
The Nutri Care Leave-in conditioner is my go-to every wash product, I have fine hair so it does not weigh my hair down, helps with detangling, and I am actually able to run my fingers through my hair! "

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Hmmmm .... it is okay to have a mental breakdown, but let's keep it to once a week! But in all seriousness, take this time to create a routine for yourself. Everyone's life has been changed by the shelter-in-place so your routine has gone out the window. My shelter-in-place life was starting to get the best of me until I created a little routine in the morning: wake up 6am -- wash face/brush teeth -- (change clothes - yes this is big) -- get in my car and grab a coffee -- go for a 20-minute drive -- come home and start work! It doesn't seem like much but I have seen a big change in not just my attitude but my mental state."


Influencer Campaigns Coordinator

IRL Beyoncé stan account

Fave Fanola products:

"Fiber Fix Bond Connector! I love that it repairs not only chemical damage but physically it's really helped me on my journey to heal my curls!"

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Screen time boundaries. It's so easy to spend so much time on screens during quarantine, whether for work, class, to watch TV, social media. Creating times where you put your phone/laptop down really help in clearing your mind!"


Content Marketing Assistant

Akon's biggest fan

Fave Fanola Product:

"Nutri Care 10 Action Spray! My hair can get really dry and tangled after washing it, so I spray it on my hair before combing it and it makes it so smooth! Definitely my top rated Fanola product."

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Virtual hangouts or workouts with my friends has been keeping me sane in quarantine. Coming up with new Zoom activities to do together is so fun, the last one we did was a virtual paint & sip!"


Social Media Relations Lead

Celebrity news expert. Specialty: Justin Bieber

Fave Fanola Product: 

"I love the Diamante Oil and Oro Puro Conditioning Spray! The Diamante Oil has a vanilla smell which I love, and makes my hair feel so much healthier. The Oro Puro Conditioning Spray always gives a soft and refreshing feel to my hair, and both of these bottles are so cute!"

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Watch shows or movies that make you happy! I've been rewatching a lot of my favorite TV shows, movies, and listening to my favorite podcasts that always put me in a good mood. It's so comforting!"


Education Marketing Assistant

Rock-climbing Connoisseur 

Fav Fanola Products: 

"My favorite Fanola product has to be the Nutri Care Bi Phase Spray! Other spray products make my hair feel heavy and create a film but this Nutri Care spray is lightweight and leaves my hair silky soft! I spray it when my hair is damp and it’s fun to shake the bottle to mix it, plus the scent is super clean and refreshing!"

Quarantine self-care tip:

"During this quarantine I have redecorated my room and have been regularly going on walks and runs to keep active!"


Social Media Relations

Hot Wings Enthusiast 

Fave Fanola product:

"Vegan No Orange! Its my favorite because it definitely helps brighten up my hair when its super brassy. Not only does it take the brass away but it gives my hair such a nice and icy look!"

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Make sure to let your hair breathe! Do not wash your hair everyday even if you want to! Your hair must have the natural oils in them!"



Marketing Manager

In-house astrologist 

Fav Fanola Product:

"Fiber Fix Bond Connector + Duo because they refreshen my curls and give them the hydration they need!"

Quarantine self-care tip:

"Indulge in a weekly herbal bath or soak if you can. Since we're not going outside as much, our energy can get pretty stagnant. A refreshing bath filled with epsom salts, dried eucalyptus, and lemon balm is sure to reset your vibe!"


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