Fanola Masks You Need ASAP

Fanola Masks You Need ASAP

It's time to give some love to all of our Fanola Masks! Masks are an essential part of a quality hair care routine, and if you're one of the people who don't use a mask in your routine, Fanola will definitely change your mind!

Nutri Care Mask

Taking the time to hair mask once a week can make a big, shiny difference to your crowning glory. This restructuring mask works deeper to heal individual strands, smooth breakages and keep your stressed hair nourished, silky, and soft. Slather and massage a healthy dollop into your hair and in less than ten minutes for your hair to be as soft as ever. 


After Color Mask

If your color is high maintenance chances are your hair could use a good reset. This dye-friendly conditioning mask is formulated specifically to prevent fresh color pigments from slipping away in the shower. An absolute must for color treated hair!


Curly Shine Mask

If you need help keeping your curls fresh and frizz free, this weightless conditioning mask will transform frizzy hair into sleek healthy strands. This Curly & Wavy mask is formulated with Silk Proteins and Coconut Oil to nourish frizzy strands, banish brittleness, and bring back bounce. 


Smooth Care Mask

This straightening mask tackles curly or wavy hair and straightens it out with a strong formulation. It keeps hair healthy with cotton oil and cocoa butter so you don't have to worry about ruining the structure and vibrancy of the hair, and you'll always leave with a bright, healthier shine. 


Incorporate these masks into your hair care routine to get the best results, and follow us @Fanola for all things Fanola!