Fanola Father's Day Gift Guide

Fanola Father's Day Gift Guide

Does a dad in your life need a little more TLC for his hair? Then we got just the right Father's Day gifts for you! Try out these Fanola Father's Day gift's that he'll be sure to love: 

For The Gel Obsessed:

Fanola Extra Grip Gel:

For the Dad that needs gel in the morning but needs to get out of the house ASAP. This will keeps the hair from absorbing extra moisture by coating the hair with a thin barrier and creates a long-lasting and secure hold on hair to keep hair in place throughout the day. No hair will ever be out of place.


Fanola Extreme Gel:

For the Dad that takes a little more time on his hair. This gel will leave no build up and wash away easily, but still hold hair very firm into place when applied. It defines and shapes every single strand of hair that dries rapidly all while preventing static to the hair.


For The One That Uses Paste:

Super Matt-Extra Strong Shaping Matt Paste

For the Dad with the voluminous hair. A soft paste with strong opaque effect that gives a strong definition and long-acting effect. It'll make his hairstyle defined, structured and voluminous all at the same time!



Flexi Pomade-Texturizing Hold

For the Dad that has curly hair. This paste creates a clearly defined look with a lasting high-definition, matte, and volumizing effect. It's ideal for creating wavy hairstyles or defining curls! 

Fanola Working Wave-Shaping Paste 

For the Dad that needs his hair in place 24/7. This paste has the thickest consistency and will help to shape and define the hair for a long-lasting style hold. This is best for longer days when your hair needs a paste to put in the extra work. 



For the one that needs to change their shampoo:

Purity Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

For the Dad with the dry scalp. This shampoo is best for dry scalp and will cure any dandruff. It cleans deep, leaving the hair and head free of the harmful microbes that can cause the dandruff inducing inflammation. 


Frequent Use Shampoo: 

For the Dad that needs to wash a hard days work off. This shampoo cleans gently to avoid as much damage as possible while removing mineral impurities. When you're through washing with this shampoo you'll leave the hair strong, hydrated, and ready for anything you throw in it. This sulfate free shampoo will be sure to get your hair as clean as ever without drying the hair, no matter how frequently you use it. 


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