Fanola Babe Affiliate Spotlight: Veronica Wilkins

Fanola Babe Affiliate Spotlight: Veronica Wilkins

Fanola Babe, Veronica Wilkins is a content creator, girl boss, amazing mother, and beautiful person inside and out! She is kind, smart, and we had the pleasure of getting to talk to her and get to know more about her, and her life as a content creator and Fanola Babe Affiliate!Β 


On the go-to products sheΒ recommends to her audience:Β 

V: As a blonde, my go-to products would be the No Yellow Line. The No Yellow line is gentle on my hair and keeps my hair looking out of the salon fresh. I would also recommend to my audience the Nutri Care line is versatile to anyones hair color. Not only that it smells delicious and is an amazing hair strengthening set.


F: As a content creator on Instagram, aside from sharing your affiliate code with your followers directly on your in-feed content, how else do you share your code?Β 

V: I share my affiliate code on my Tiktok, Snapchat, and Facebook.


F: What communities are you sharing your code with?Β 

V: I share my code with everyone!

F: What are your go-to social media tips for up-and-coming bloggers and digital creators?

V: Be you, be creative, take your time, and plan.


F: What do you enjoy more β€” posting stories or watching stories? Why?Β 

V: I enjoy both. I enjoy getting to know my followers as well as opening my life up to my followers to get to know me.

F: What do you feel like are the pros and cons of posting on your Instagram stories vs in-feed?

V: Instagram stories only last 24 hours and not everyone watches or gets the opportunity to see stories. But, stories give you the opportunity to show your followers in the present moments, try ons, fun tips and products. On your regular feed you can explain your photo and also communicate through your comments with your followers.


F: Do you have a set up rhythm and flow when it comes to your daily social media calendar? Do you like to plan your content out or create more in real time?

V: Yes! I use an app called Plann to plan my feed out so it does flow aesthetically.

F: What would you say the majority of your content is?Β 

V: I would say mine would be a combination of lifestyle and motherhood!


F: Where do you draw inspiration for your content from? Especially when you’re in a creative funk?

V: Pinterest is a great app for any sort of creative flow funk days.


We had a great time talking to Veronica and learning more about her career as a content creator and how great of Fanola Babe Affiliate she is! You can follow Veronica at @veronicawleslie and check back here for more Fanola Babe Spotlights!Β