Fanola Babe Spotlight: Tania Ortiz

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Tania Ortiz

Mom of two, fashionista, and now a full time business owner, Tania Ortiz is a force to be reckoned with. We had the pleasure of chatting with Tania and getting to know more about her as she talks all things from her brand, her love for fashion, and how she takes care of her mental health through hard times.  


Anyone who follows you on Instagram can tell how fashionable  you are. What started your passion for that?

Well it’s kind of a sad story, but I used to get bullied a lot during middle school because of the way I would dress. I was considered weird. I would get bullied so much, but honestly it started after watching the Spice Girls. They all had their own individual style that I loved! I felt like I could dress as a tomboy one day and dress super girly another day.  From there it just went a little overboard and then I started getting a little bit of anxiety and depression because the bullying got really intense and I used fashion to help cope with the anxiety and bullying at school.


What and how made you want to start your own business and your brand?

On top of fashion and being bullied, there is this Mexican influencer I follow, Styled by Ale, she can make anything look amazing! She came from nothing and built her own business and became an entrepreneur, and I told myself, “Hey! I can do that too!”Money is not where her head is at and she is a super humble person  and is willing to help anyone in need. I wanted to be a blogger, but at the same time I also wanted to make a business out of it. So even today, she is the biggest inspiration as to where I want to take my business. That is when I created UNQLUX. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would have pushed myself to do this.


How do you think social media has helped elevate the fashion industry?

It’s helped me a lot in my business because a lot of the girls who follow me are now my customers. Personally when I buy something, I always have to see it on someone or I have to go on Pinterest and look for something similar and get a little inspiration. If I don't see myself wearing it, I'm not going to buy it and I don't want it in my store. So I noticed that and If I style something and I post it on my personal page, it sells for me really well! So the way that my platform has helped me is all my followers. My girl followers will purchase from my shop because they love how I style my clothes and that has helped my business a lot. Using your own platform to grow is so important and helpful and a lot of employers are now doing that. Focusing on yourself, focusing on your brand and not worrying what other people are doing and what other brands are doing is key.


What do you think differentiates your brand from others?

What differentiates me is my unique sense of style. Don't get me wrong, I love being all girly with all makeup, but if I had to choose between heels or sneakers, it would be sneakers, tee shirts and some biker shorts. I will bring something to the store that I know I would wear. If I'm not going to wear it, I'm not going to bring it in the store. No matter if I know it will bring me like a hundred sales, I won't bring it in the store. I feel like what I've been doing differently is I take pictures literally in my living room, I just put a silk curtain on the background and that's it. I'm not going to try and Photoshop my pictures. This is how I really look and this is how it really looks on me. I also want young moms like myself, to feel comfortable wearing a crop top. You shouldn't care that you have stretch marks. Who cares?! The whole world has stretch marks. Nobody has perfect, smooth photoshopped skin.


What advice you give to others who want to start a business?

Never let someone tell you you can't do it or it's not your time, or maybe that you should do something else, No! If you are passionate about it, do it. Don't let anybody tell you differently. If it's your passion and you are a hundred percent about it and you are genuine to your brand, then you can do it correctly and it can happen.


What self care habits have been really valuable for you during this time?

Nobody really knows about this, only my close friends do, but I battle a lot with anxiety really, really bad.  I was in my darkest points a couple of months ago, and one thing that's been key in keeping me sane and calm is going on adventures. Tomorrow's never guaranteed. I have always been the type to put everybody first and I am always last. I noticed that it got to a point where I was in a really dark place. It's thing like my cousin calling me and saying, “Hey! We’re gonna go to San Francisco for the day. We're just going to go drive up, sit by the beach, and eat a crepe.” and now I always agree to it, but before I'd say no, or say that I can't. Now I'm putting myself first and it has been one of the most pampering things that I've done for myself this quarantine that I feel like I never would have done before. You should just always love yourself!


What are some ways you've kept your hair healthy during quarantine?

The Nutri Care line has been my literal holy grail! The funny thing is now my son can’t live without the leave-in spray. I have to have that and I have to be stocked up. Two weeks ago, I saw my hairstylist and she was impressed with how healthy and shiny my hair was. I used to have chunks of hair that would just fall out from bleach but now they're back because of Nutri Care!


What's your favorite thing about being a #FanolaBabe?

It's how caring Fanola is towards influencers.  Fanola doesn't reach out just to promote a product. They genuinely care about our feelings and how we're doing and our goals. That has been one of the best things about working with Fanola.

What is the first thing you're going to do when quarantine ends?

The first thing that I want to do is go on a vacation! I want to just get away. I would say maybe Hawaii with the kids and the hubby. Just go and just get away.


We had such a great time getting to know Tania. You can follow her at @taniaaaao and her clothing line @unqlux!