Fanola Babe Spotlight: Suzy Antonyan

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Suzy Antonyan

Member of the Vlog Squad and Fanola Babe, Suzy Antonyan is known for her hilarious content, funny family, and her infectious laugh. She is sweet, down to earth, and kind, and I had the pleasure of chatting with her and getting to know more about her, her journey on YouTube, and the advice she gives to anyone looking to follow in her footsteps. 

Anyone who follows you knows you're hilarious. What started your passion for comedy?

S: It started with my brother. Jonah was the one who originally went into film, and when he went into auditions, I was always there with him. We did everything together, so it was mainly him and following what he did made us who we are.

How old were you?

S: We were young, we were really young. He was about 12 or 13 and I was 11. He would always try to go on so many auditions, and we've even been scammed so many times, it's insane. My mom was scammed once out of like $6,000. He apparently went to an acting school that didn't even exist. One week it was there, the next week my mom went in and wanted to give the payment, and then they told us that the school didn't even exist, but we were young.

You and your family get a lot of well-deserved recognition on social media. What started this journey for you and what has it been like?

S: Jonah would always record everything we would do. He was kind of the troublemaker and he would make trouble, and because my mom is a foreign mom, how she reacts is really funny. She'll just literally run after us and it's funny and people can relate to that. So it was my brother, he was the one that originally started filming us. Then, one day he was borrowing some lights while visiting a friend, and he met David [Dobrik] and we had been on YouTube before so David saw our videos. He then came over one day and we just all started filming, and I think it's been around three years now.

How have you and your family transition from normal life to being one of YouTubes’ favorite families to watch?

S: I feel like it's the same. I don't think it really changes, I think it just made us closer than we already were. Other than that, I don't really see a change in the family. I think that we're just still the same normal family that we were, we just like to make people laugh. We're literally naturally just like that. It could be six o'clock in the morning and there will be yelling in my house and I just jump out of my bed not even knowing what's going on. They're something else, it's like this at my house 24/7. I have some friends that come over and every time they do, they just die of laughter. They're constantly laughing so hard, we love to make people laugh and I know my mom and dad do as well. We genuinely like to make people happy. I think the one difference is that it's still new to all of us, and recognizing that we are making people happy. I think laughter is the best medicine, I love to talk to new people and make them laugh and make them happy. You never know what kind of a day a person's having and you want to make them happy and make them smile.

What's your favorite part about creating content?

S: Making people laugh and making people happy! I've had so many fans walk up to me and they'll just hug me and they'll cry, and they'll tell me "Oh my Gosh, I love you so much, you're the one that makes me happy," and it makes you really feel really connected with that person, and you realize that you made this person smile and laugh through anything that they were going through because we've all been there. We've all been sad, and we know what it feels like to feel alone and feel sad. So to make other people laugh and knowing that they have the comfort of our videos makes me really happy to know that we could be there for people whenever they need us. 

How do you make sure to take care of your mental health and stay grounded all while having a successful career in content creation?

S: I know I make people happy, I know I make people smile, I know the kind of woman that I am, and I know the changes that I want to make. I do get negative messages here and there, but out of all the support, you get one negative comment. So I look at the support. I always look at life in the way that the glass is always half-full. I never look at it with the glass is half-empty view. If something bothers me, I think of the positive and I think of the positive outcomes. There's a reason why things happen, and God will guide me in the right direction. There's always going to be somebody that doesn't like what you do, but as long as you love what you do that's all that matters. I think that's the only thing that matters, is literally doing what you love, because then at that point you're having fun. That's just how I look at it.

How have you been taking care of your mental health during quarantine?

S: Don't even get me started, it's been hard. I'm not going to lie to you, it's been really, really difficult. I love adventures, I love getting up and just going around and doing stuff. I feel like now because of quarantine, it's so hard, obviously, we have to think about the safety of us, and the safety of others, and stay safe and wear a mask and all that. I never in a million years thought that our life would be this way, life changed overnight. All I'm doing right now is praying for a better tomorrow. I'm praying that every single day things get better with everything.

Are there certain hobbies or things that you do throughout the day to make you feel better?

S: I talk to my friends a lot, I've realized I've gotten closer to my parents, so I hang out with my parents and my family. I watch movies, watch YouTube, clean my room, and just try to stay productive.

I know you have a deep love for New York, what started that, and what makes you love New York so much?

S: I'm the biggest geek when it comes to romantic movies and I'm the biggest romance novel reader. I've read any romance novel you can think of, and have watched all the romantic movies. Obviously a lot of movies are based in New York and I feel like New York is so fast-paced, the people are blunt, I literally have a picture of New York on my desk. When I went to New York, I felt like I was home. I went there and I was like, "This is where I need to be." I hate when people say New York is the dirtier LA, it's not. New York and LA are nothing alike. I've met so many people growing up and people even ask me if I’m from New York! It's my dream to buy a house there in the future. It's a beautiful city and a beautiful state.

What is your favorite romantic movie?

S: Titanic! I love it, I love Titanic. I've been watching TikTok a lot and I even see Titanic conspiracy theories and it makes me want to rewatch it.

I know that you love Friends the TV show. What started your love for that, and who is your favorite friend?

S: One day I just put on the show since everyone always talked about it, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So I turned it on and I instantly just fell in love. I literally stayed up so late that night and watched Friends. Every single day now I will go get snacks and go and watch Friends. I've been doing that for so long, like maybe five to six years, maybe even longer. I can't pick my who my favorite Friends is, I love all of them equally. It's like if I had kids and you asked me to pick my favorite kid, I can't do it, I love all of them.


What is your ultimate passion and goal in your life and your career?

S: I'm starting up my YouTube channel again, and I'm going to start posting every Monday and Friday so I’m starting with that right now. I love posting on YouTube, as I said, I love making people laugh and smile. In the long run, I think that I'm just going to see where life will kind of take me. I do know that I want to have some of my own businesses. I don’t know what I want them to be yet but I know that I will be guided in the right direction. Once you start what you love, you will be guided in the right direction of where you need to be.

What are some of your favorite Fanola products?

S: I love, love, love, love the purple shampoo, and the No Orange shampoo. I didn't realize how my hair gets orange sometimes, and I personally haven't seen somebody use a No Orange Shampoo. So whenever I use it, I literally see instantly that my hair color went to the right color, it's perfect, it's amazing. So, the No Yellow and the No Orange Shampoo are my top and they smell so good. They smell like bananas, I use them all the time.

What is one thing you'd say to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps and become a content creator?

S: Don't let the negativity get to you. If you want to do what you want to do, just follow your passion. Follow what it is that you want to do and that you love to do, because once you do what you love, then you're not working at that point. It's kind of like telling me to be a Doctor, I can't do that, I see blood and my legs turn into noodles, you know? I know how to make people laugh and smile, so do what you love.


I had a great time talking to Suzy and getting to know more about her. You can follow her on Instagram @suzyantonyan and subscribe to her awesome YouTube Channel @suzyantonyan.