Sabrina Bryan On Life As A Cheetah Girl & Being A New Mom

Sabrina Bryan On Life As A Cheetah Girl & Being A New Mom

Sabrina Bryan is a talented actress that we all know and love! We had the pleasure of speaking to Sabrina about everything going on with her, from her experience as a Cheetah Girl to a being a new mom. 


How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

I was really young. Not as young as a lot of actors that start when they're two or three. I actually was the one that was begging my parents to put me in the industry. I really wanted to be an actress and I wanted to be able to dance. I was at a dance studio and this girl that was older than me was doing a pageant. She said, "Hey, why don't you come to do it?" I asked my parents, and my dad was like, yeah, if you've got the confidence enough to do that I will allow you to get an agent and we'll kind of test it out. So I did it and I absolutely loved it. Anytime my parents put me to a test like that it just made me want it more. It never got me to not want it or shy away. It was like an oh my gosh this is for me, I love this, I love this and I want to do more. They let me get an extra agent, which is background work. So it'd be people in the classroom where the principal characters are and I just completely fell in love with being on set. Set is really slow, so especially when you're 11 or 12 years old you work for maybe 30-40 minutes on camera and then you wait for 30-40 minutes, or sometimes you're waiting for hours. The only thing that is really sucky when you're young and you're still in school, is you have to do school on set, which is homework for three hours, there's no getting around it, and my parents were like, she's going to hate this, this is going to get so boring, but I loved it. I just kind of kept having to prove that to them because they were worried about it.


The industry can be a scary place, especially for young kids. When I was in high school, right when I booked The Cheetah Girls, I actually booked it the summer between my high school and freshman year in college. It was the first time I went anywhere without my parents. I lived in Toronto for eight weeks by myself, I was on set by myself and I had never been on set or anything. I know my parents were so nervous about all of that. I appreciate it now, it frustrated me then, but I appreciate it now for how much they wanted to really make sure I was in a good place around good people.

What has been your favorite moment in your career so far?

Oh my gosh, I have been blessed to do so many things. As far as with The Cheetah Girls, it'd be selling out the Houston Rodeo in less than three minutes. That was pretty awesome. Just the accomplishments that we were doing, we were just having so much fun. I remember the producer, Debra Martin Chase called me and said that our album had gone double platinum. I was like, "what?!" I was in college working at a tanning salon not thinking anything about this soundtrack. We put it out but they didn't really advertise for it, they just put it out on shelves and it just went off the shelf so fast. The Cheetah Girls was a shock factor. There was just so many cool things that were happening. What I'm most proud about with The Cheetah Girls is the message that it brought out. I love it because it is so relevant today. This is the best time to be living as a young woman and knowing that your dreams are within arms reach. They're out there, all you gotta do is get to it and grab it. I'm also really proud of the work that I got to do on Dancing With The Stars. I think for me, the best thing was that my mom was such a huge fan of the show and so being on the show for the first time was literally for her. I came and watched the show and I thought it was awesome. The pride my mom had when I was on that show of just sitting in those seats in the studio, that was probably the coolest thing that I did. I know I've always made her proud and she's such a great mom, but that pride was on a different level. She still watches the show every single week, she has scores that she writes out, she's still such a big fan. I love that I get to know that I was on her favorite show.


You've been such an influential face for women who are now in their twenties. How has it been watching your audience evolve over the years?

It is so cool, I could just tear up honestly. I love when I find out that they were a fan, and are still rocking the cheetah spots and still loving the music! I love when fans are like, "it's not even a guilty pleasure, I love listening to the music!" I mean, they were anthems, it was how I feel when I think about The Spice Girls. It's this girl power anthem. I think what was cool about the characters was you could see yourself in them, you'd think you're so much like Dorinda, or Chanel, etc. You get to relate, the characters were really relatable. I just love that. I feel like I got to be a part of a huge movement without even knowing that. When I was doing it I was 18 the first time and that first movie had such a huge impact on so many young girls that are now women. Especially with all of us coming from so many different places. It was awesome for me to be a Latina and on the show and also portraying one. I felt like it spoke to everyone and everyone felt included. I love it because it did not exclude anyone.


It was about girls, we were talking to anyone that wanted that empowerment. I feel amazing, I love seeing you guys thriving, like you at Fanola! Or when I did, Say Yes to the Dress, the girl I was interviewing told me she was a big fan and that stuff is so incredible to me. Watching you guys all out there growing up to be the boss ladies we hoped you would is incredible. I could cry.

Fave Cheetah Girls movie?

Dance With Me, was probably my favorite filming moment of all three movies. Kenny Ortega, as you know, is just this epic choreographer and epic movie maker. He just has these visions and watching him work and being the one that he was going to make look amazing, was so awesome. Barcelona was definitely my favorite movie. The first one was so fun and so exciting, and I think the third one was amazing, India was an incredible place to be, but there was just something about Barcelona. We extended our filming time, so we got more time and we got a lot more freedom in Barcelona too. It wasn't just a quick stop, we actually lived there. The director of photography made it incredible. He showed the beauty of that city, it's so beautiful.


What is some advice you wish you knew going into your career?

I wish I would have taken more moments to stop and soak it in. I feel like we were on such a crazy schedule and I was always thinking back to that first season of Dancing With The Stars, we had just put out our TCG album that was the first album that we were doing away from the soundtrack. It was all a great opportunity, but I felt like I was constantly at rehearsals, doing interviews, and it was all just really moving very fast and I wish that between that I would have experienced the cities that we were performing in.I wish I could have told myself to push myself more, to stop, and embrace what was going on. Not just let it be a day to day busy schedule. I've really made a change in all of that. When I did Dancing with the Stars again, I really took so many moments while we were in rehearsal and just different times on the set taking it in, looking around, and taking videos of stuff that I can remember, stuff I can tell my kids. For example, we performed at the Hollywood Bowl I got there really early, right before everyone else came and I went up to the very back of the Hollywood Bowl and I just drank my tea and just soaked it in. The sun was coming up and it was a great moment that I got to have the Hollywood Bowl all to myself. I was just enjoying the moment and then looking at the stage and realizing that people are going to be watching. Just really took that in, and so I just would hope that would be a message to come out.


How has it been experiencing new motherhood during a pandemic and how has it changed your expectations of motherhood?

Well, I would say I really focus on staying positive. I have to admit, I get my news from my husband. If there was something I needed to know in regards to the pandemic, he will tell me. I just could not watch the news. I needed to stay in such a positive mind frame. I was really nervous about allowing myself to sink down a rabbit hole and just get dragged down into being scared all the time. Obviously we made the necessary adjustments but I did not allow it to put me in a place that was going to be this negative space. I wanted to be positive and I wanted to be happy. I have dreamed my whole life of being pregnant, so I was just so determined. This will not bring me down during one of the happiest times of my life. I did so much with my career and my personal life so I could not wait to find the right man and the love of my life to get married to and to have kids. Those were my things. I was super excited about getting pregnant right before. I found out on New Year's Eve and then that's when everything started happening. It was such a bummer, I feel like I had such an amazing pregnancy. I really just enjoyed every moment of it. I felt so empowered by my body changing and felt so good. 


How have you been self caring during quarantine?

Well, I found Fanola, which I absolutely love. I am not kidding, I'm so obsessed. It's not very often that I get to take a long shower anymore. I don't get to take a full blown shower very often. But today I did my purple shampoo to make sure my hair was bright for our interview. I put my mask on and I was just enjoying the hot water. When you could do a 20 minute shower, it's like the best thing ever because I don't get them. A normal shower for me in the morning is a rinse as fast as you can and get out because otherwise my baby will wake up! I do love masks and stuff like that, I love having a spa day. It's funny because my husband also does so we sync our days up by doing that. Also, cooking, I love cooking! I really started loving to cook as well. Unpacking has also been a big meditation time of just organizing and trying to get the house together. It's definitely a big job, if anyone has a sense on how to organize baby clothes, please send them because they're so tiny! I also really love my time working out, whether it's going on a walk or doing something outside.


What would you recommend for a go-to hair care routine for a new mom right now?

Don't wash your hair every day and one of the things that I really love is the Fanola reconstructing serum. I love using that, it gives that gloss and it helps smooth it out really easy.


We loved talking to Sabrina! You can follow her @sabrina.bryan and check back here for more fanola babe spotlights!