Fanola Babe Spotlight: Katie Zander

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Katie Zander

Fanola Babe, Katie Zander also known as @katielynnestyle is a kind, sweet, down to earth girl, with the coolest closet. All of her outfits look like she just walked out of a fashion magazine, and we had the pleasure of getting to know more about her, her love for fashion, and her dreams and aspirations!


F: Anyone who follows you on Instagram knows how fashionable you are, what started your passion for that?

K: I feel like it's always kind of been something that I've really enjoyed. I've always enjoyed, being creative with my style. Even my mom used to tell me that I used to dress up my Barbies in cute little outfits, I mean, every girl did that, but I feel like as a kid, I would style them in unique outfits, not just the typical kind of thing. So I feel like even at a young age, I realized that I really cared about what kind of clothes I was putting on my body. Just fashion has always been something that's inspired me in a way that I can be creative and express myself. I just have always loved it. It's just a fun thing for me!


F: Are there certain people that you look up to for fashion inspo?

K: I like to follow runway shows and different stuff like that. I do have bloggers that I like to follow, like my friend, Jess @jessthrowiton, she's the best. I like Pinterest, I don't really have a specific style icon that I follow because I feel like my style changes day to day. I'll go really girly one day or really edgy one day. So I get my style from so many different inspirations.


F: What self care habits have been really valuable for you during quarantine?

F: My skin has been breaking out like crazy because of wearing the mask every day. I feel like just keeping my skincare routine. At the beginning of quarantine, I was like, "oh my gosh, I have so much time to try new products and try different things for my skin!" and then I realized that all these different products that I'm putting on my skin is actually counterintuitive. It's breaking me out more. I feel like recently within the past, few weeks, I'm like, "okay, I just need to use these like five products stick to them, don't use anything else." And that's my self care, sticking to my skincare routine is a big thing right now.


F: How have you been tending to your mental health during these times?

K: I feel like just being in quarantine is helping my mental health in general. I feel like I'm naturally a homebody, I thrive on being alone, which sounds really sad, but I just am more productive. I feel better when I just have my space and have my time where I can get things done. I feel like just being alone and not having to worry about going into the office or going to meet with friends, which I still really love and miss a ton, but it's not that overwhelming feeling of you need to be out or doing something. I think quarantine has really helped in general, just forcing myself to be okay with being home has kind of helped.


F: What are some ways that you've kept your hair healthy during quarantine?

K:  I have done a lot of things to keep it healthy. I just got my hair done last week, and my hairdresser actually told me that I'm one of the healthiest blondes that she has. That makes me feel so good about my hair, and she was like, "well it's because you use Fanola, I love that you use Fanola!"


I also just have not been using heat, because I'm not going anywhere. I'm just leaving my hair natural. Most days I just wake up, shower, and I let it air dry, I don't even use a blow dryer. So I feel like just not using any heat on my hair, using hair oils, and I wash my hair once a week, so my hair is trained now to just not produce as much oil, but I do use a lot of dry shampoo. So just not washing it a lot, not using a ton of heat, and just hair products and oil have been keeping my hair really healthy.

F: What is your favorite thing about being a Fanola Babe?

K: Meeting you can be number one and meeting all the cool girls that we met at that brunch was really cool! Also promoting the purple shampoo. I'm like, "If you do not use this, and you're blonde, you're really missing out!" I love that I get to introduce people to it. It's so good! If you're not using it, you just really need to hop on it! I've had a few girls, who've asked me, "How do you keep your hair so ashy and light and platinum like that, and not yellow?" I'm like, "Fanola, have you not heard of Fanola? Where have you been!?"


F: What are other self care items that you splurge on? (self care meaning anything that makes you feel good!)

K: I feel like Postmates! Is that weird?! I have been splurging, I'm just so lazy. If I'm working from home, I'm not about to drive to get myself food, I'm just going to Postmates it. It's going to make myself feel so much better, I'm just going to keep working, keep being productive, and my food is coming straight to my door!


F: What is the first thing you're going to do when quarantine ends?

K: Probably travel. I have been doing a little bit of traveling, obviously safely. I went to Joshua Tree this past month, I was supposed to go to Hawaii, which I'm really sad about, but couldn't because of quarantine. So maybe Hawaii, or I want to go to Yosemite for a road trip or something. Just travel anywhere, honestly anywhere!


F: Any advice for someone that wanted to pursue your career?

K: I've had people DM and ask me that, and honestly do it because you genuinely want to share something you are passionate about. I feel like I've had people reach out and be like, "How do you get a million followers? How do you get brand collabs?" and that should not be your reason to do it. It should be because you genuinely want to share what you love. Like I love fashion, and I want to inspire people through fashion. 

Don't make it about getting free product, or getting people to follow you, or getting famous. It shouldn't be about that because that's when it comes off fake and just not genuine, and you're not in it for the right reasons. I feel like that's my main thing that I always tell people, make sure you genuinely care about what you're sharing and genuinely share stuff that you would use or you would really recommend to a friend or just really wear outside in public. Genuinely be real, don't just be in it for the fake stuff. 

F: What is the one main thing you want to accomplish in your career?

K: I definitely know that someday I want to own my own business. I have no idea what it will be about or what I'll sell, but I definitely know that I want to be a business owner. Both of my parents are business owners and I just grew up knowing that I don't want to work for anyone, I want to be my own boss. 



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That is one of my biggest aspirations in life, just knowing that I can make it and build a business from the ground up. That is something that I've always been really passionate about. I'm still figuring out what I want it to be about, and I think it's great that I have this community where whatever I do, they'll support me in whatever business I decide to start. That's definitely one of my biggest dreams, owning my own business.

We had a great time talking to Katie and getting to know more about her! You can follow Katie, @katielynnestyle and check back here for more Fanola Babe Spotlight blogs!