Fanola Babe Spotlight: Dezleigh

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Dezleigh

Dezleigh is known for her radiance, positive attitude, and top tier food and fashion knowledge. She knows her way around Calgary with the best food and fashion spots. We had the pleasure of chatting with her and getting to know more about her, how she got her start in content creation, and more!


How have you been taking care of your mental health during quarantine?

One way I’ve tried to keep my mental health intact is that I really try to go for my daily walks. Getting some sort of physical exercise in! It doesn't have to be five hours or three hours long, even a short 30 minutes, just to get out of the house. It’s quite refreshing and it really helps clear my mind. I try to have conversations with my family and friends so that I’m not always alone and to myself. In Calgary, the restaurants are open now and they have safety procedures in place. It's not as limited in terms of social interactions, because compared to March, it was really rough! That feeling of being isolated and lonely was really getting to me, especially because I'm a social person and I like to meet with my friends, talk and hang out for brunch and what not.

Is being a content creator something you’ve pursued for a while or how did it come about?

I've been doing it for about two years. I started working on it in 2017, but never really took the collaboration and the brand partnerships seriously until 2018-2019. That's when I mainly focused on it and ever since then, I've been stuck on it! It was originally a passion project. I started my blog right after my first major heartbreak. I started talking about relationships and I talked about how it was the journey of my healing. I talked about how painful it was and then the steps I did to overcome it. It was pretty much a journal of my relationship at the time with myself and with people because I was at a point where I didn't know who I was and I needed to grow up and mature and that's how the blog was born and how I kind of gained my audience. From that point on, I kind of evolved it into who I am today, which is focused on family and lifestyle to food and fashion.


By looking at your feed, we know you love to enjoy some amazing dining! What are some of your favorite places to eat and or enjoy boba in Canada?

Boba is my favorite!! I recommend Gongcha as my number one spot for boba. Chatime is also great. As far as Calgary locals, I highly recommend YummyQ. They have amazing fruit teas which have been my obsession lately! The Alley is also an international brand and I really enjoy their bubble teas as well.  As far as restaurants goes in Calgary, I highly recommend River Cafe, which is in Princess Island park.  I also really like Mercado! There’s a lot of great restaurants along Steven Avenue and 17th Street in Calgary, for a more casual vibe, UNA Pizza pizza’s are amazing! If you’re craving sushi, Calgary locals will know this, but there is a hidden gem called Kinjo, it’s so good! I recommend it all! I’m always hungry and always down to eat.


What is the best part of your job a content creator?

There's lots of perks to what I do. Not only do I get to connect with people from all over the world and not only do I get paid to promote what I believe in, but I also get to influence people's lives and I think that's an amazing thing! Especially when people are at a point in their life where they're not doing the best or if they're not having the greatest day and they're feeling a little blue, it's kind of nice to be able to spread a little sunshine their way and  let them know that everything's going to be okay. So just that influence to help someone else out is nice!


What is something you would tell someone who is starting out in the industry?

I think my first advice would be to be authentic. People can really see through who you are online. If you want to build a community and you want to build a brand, you want to be someone who's true to yourself. So find your calling, may it be your passion for fashion, your passion for fitness, etc. Find whatever it is that you enjoy doing and start sharing it with people because you just don't know who you'll inspire. You don't know who's going to find you and you may change their life for the better. So be authentic, find your calling, and be brave enough to share it online.


What self care item do you love to splurge on?

I like to get my massages! It's kind of a treat because I have a back problem. I have an office job as well on top of blogging, so I do look at the screen for hours and hours a day. So my problem is really taking a toll on me and I can feel it, but massages for me is the self care luxury that I go for.

Has fanola changed your hair care routine in any way? 

Actually it has a lot. Before I got introduced to Fanola, I just would use regular drugstore shampoo. I didn't realize that it wasn't helping my hair whatsoever. I found that even before I got my hair done (I was blonde before) I didn't use blue shampoo and that was actually the biggest mistake I've ever made. I found that it was really drying and my hair was getting more brittle.  So that's the reason why I went back to black and then fast forward a few months on, I wanted to go back to the color I am now. That's when my hairdresser told me that to avoid problems with my hair, that I would have to try Fanola! I tried Fanola and I noticed a big difference. My hair wasn't as dry, the color remained the same, and it's literally the same color as I walked out of the salon. I really do like how it keeps and maintains the color because when I used the basic drugstore shampoos, it kind of diluted my hair color to even orange. But now that I am using Fanola, oh my goodness my hair has been maintained!


What is one thing you want to accomplish before 2020 ends?

Before 2020 ends, I really want to accomplish my 10K mark on Instagram! That's my number one goal in terms of social media and in terms of personal life, I think I want to get out and do more hiking with my boyfriend hopefully before summer ends! 


 You can follow her food, family, and fashion adventures @dezleigh and make sure to check back here for more Fanola Babe Spotlights!