Fanola Babe Spotlight: Anahi Aldrete

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Anahi Aldrete

Fanola Babe and influencer Anahi Aldrete is a girl boss and business owner with a passion for fashion and lifestyle content creation. Our team member Lana had the pleasure of getting to know more about Anahi, her business, and more!


How did you find your aesthetic or style that fit you?

At the beginning I was very confused on the whole Instagram algorithm and how it worked. So trying to find my aesthetic, I was just like, well I love the edginess, so I did start with like the browns, and the moody tones and just anything that would go with my outfits as well. So I tried it out and I kept on continuing it but then I ended up not liking it anymore. I kept on seeing inspos from many bloggers and thought it was cool. But I wanted to do it my own way and my own twist. I finally started to brighten it up and I did the three outfits because I love posting pictures that I have each of every angle. People enjoyed when I would post my photos of the same outfit because it captured all the angles and details. I  found my aesthetic just from different inspos and trying to figure out what I wanted and I’m still learning until today. 


What made you want to grow your platform and pursue it?

I loved fashion and taking pictures from the beginning. I just didn't know what I wanted to do with Instagram. What made me feel motivated was just seeing my favorite bloggers posting their own fashion and style. A brand then reached out to me, Forever 21 actually, which was my favorite store! Once they reached out to me I got motivated so fast and thought about how this is my time to honestly put in my all and get into fashion.


Because you are an influencer, what are some stereotypes you believe are not true?

I think the most that I've gotten was that being an influencer is not a job. That's pretty much the one that I've heard the most. At the beginning I was just telling myself, “it has to be!”  there's influencers all over the world that are getting paid for this and for what they love to do. So I found a lot of people telling and asking me, like, why are you doing the influencer stuff? Things like you don't get paid and this isn't a job, you're just doing this for fun, etc. I’m like no, it is a job. When you take content for brands, you have a deadline to post, you have to include things that the brand wants, even some brands want a video and that takes up a lot of time out of your day.

Is there anyone specific that you go to for style inspo?

Yes! @irislovesunicorn is my style inspo. She is my favorite, if I could go to anyone for a question, I would definitely go to her. I love the way she always changes her style and she inspires me to just do everything!

What's the most important thing for you when it comes to hair care?

Honestly, a few years ago, I did not care about my hair at all. I did not put any effort in it whatsoever. I just brushed it, blew dry, and that's it! But then once I started growing up, I was like, okay I need to start taking care of my hair. Ever since I started using Fanola products, I love the way my hair feels and it makes it so soft. The most important thing for me when it comes to hair is to make sure it is soft and has a lot of bounce! I also always have to style my hair no matter what.

What are some of your favorite things to do to self-care?

I love doing masks and listening to jazz music! It is so relaxing and I’ll have a glass of wine out. The mask refreshes my skin and jazz music is my favorite to listen to. Also, eating junk food and watching Netflix!  A total self care for me.

What are some of your favorite Fanola products and why?

My favorite would have to be the NutriCare Restructuring Serum! I use that almost everyday no matter what and see incredible results. Also, the Nutri Care 10 action leave - in spray which I use often. 


What is one thing you want to accomplish before 2020 ends?

I have a small business and I am hoping by the end of 2020, my business will become known! It is truly my baby, at first I did it just for fun to sell cool stuff but then I had people reach out telling me how much they love it which motivated me even more. It is called @toughskinn_ and we have aesthetic items such as T-shirts, shorts etc. In the end, I am hoping for my brand to become well known before 2020 ends!


We had a great time talking to Anahi! You can follow her at @_anahialdrete and make sure to check out her brand @toughskin__ . Check back here for more Fanola Babe Spotlights!