Fanola Babe Spotlight: Amanda and Mell

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Amanda and Mell

Sisters, curly girl hair icons, and Fanola Babes, Amanda, and Mell are hair guru's who also happen to be the sweetest sisters in the world. Our team members, Mona and Teena had the pleasure of chatting with the duo and getting to learn more about them, their interests, and their content creation journey. 

So you’ve been on YouTube creating entertaining and educational videos for quite a few years now, what started this journey for you guys?

Mell: Before I became a professional hairstylist, I always wanted to be an actor. I always had a passion for entertaining and love to make people laugh. YouTube became a way I could merge my two worlds of hair and comedy together. Being able to make people smile while also teaching them ways to feel more confident wearing their hair has become my greatest dream come true. Plus, getting to join forces with my sister Amanda for all her amazing video editing skills and her innate knowledge of marketing has helped us reach so many goals, together.

Amanda: I was in marketing before doing this full time with Mell, and I have always loved video editing. We’ve been making videos since we were kids, we actually used to make music videos, movie trailers, commercials, skits, you name it. So, it was always something that we always loved and decided to bring it to YouTube. Our videos take a lot of work, it could take a few days to edit just one video, but we love doing it because we get to do it together.

What has been your favorite part about creating content and being on this journey?

Amanda: In the beginning, it was mostly us getting to be creative and create videos, and then we started to build our community. That really became the passion that drove us. As we grow, more than anything our passions continue to come from the community that we've built and by helping people.

Mell: Absolutely, our community is a big one. Having that connection with our audience every Texture Tuesday is the best. Also, knowing the impact that we've had on the curly community and all the help and smiles we’ve been able to provide people has been the most rewarding gift. People come to our channel to watch us for many reasons, it’s not just about hair tips but a good time. We really make an effort to keep things informative and fun; sharing laughs plus knowledge I’ve learned from hair school and in-salon to help people of all hair types. We love when people share their stories with us, it keeps us inspired to keep creating knowing that we’re making such a difference in people’s lives. 

What self-care habits have been really valuable for you both during this time?

Amanda: It’s been so easy to fall out of a routine especially at the beginning of all of this, right? Everything was up in the air. A lot of people's lifestyles completely changed and flipped on their heads. So I’ve had to kind of set up a new routine for myself. With work, you know, we have to have everything ready for Texture Tuesday, so we have to structure our days. Personally, after 6:00 pm, I tune out and enjoy the solo time. I like to watch Netflix, maybe a documentary, something to help clear my head. Scheduling my time and trying to keep a routine with work during the day and then relaxing at night has made a difference for me.

Mell: I struggled with scheduling and planning my time for a long time. I feel like Amanda is much better with it, she knows when to step away. Sometimes I can feel really sucked into my work until I realize I completely drained myself because I had been on the phone all day. When my eyes are burning at night - I know I’ve done too much for the day. So, setting screen time restrictions on my phone has been so crucial.

We’ve gotta know, what are some of your favorite Fanola products and why?

Amanda: The number one product for me is the Nutri Care Restructuring Mask, I really love that and the restructuring serum part of the lineup as well. 

Mell: I was going to say as a blonde, I'm biased because I think that obviously, the No Yellow Shampoo and Mask is incredible, but in terms of all-around repairing products, the Fiber Fix is so good! I even love to use it on my clients after color, they always compliment the smell and how much they can feel the difference in their hair, it just makes it feel so nice. So it’s definitely awesome. For the best of both worlds, I like to cocktail it with the No Yellow Shampoo, too! 

Whenever you’re doing your hair care routine or getting ready, what’s your go-to song to get you hyped?

Amanda: Looking at my recently played playlist, I’d have to say it’s “Can't Take It From Me” by Major Lazer. That’s what I’ve been playing a lot recently.

Mell: I love all music but for all-around good-vibes, "My Type" by Saint Motel always makes me do a happy dance. 

What kind of content do you find works best for you on YouTube vs Instagram? Is it pretty much the same or is it different depending on the platform?

Amanda: They're not the same. 

Mell: They're VERY different. 

Amanda: I think people who come to YouTube are there to learn something more in-depth, like full explanations, tutorials, understand the science behind things. They're in it for the long haul.

Mell: Agreed, they’re there longer and they're there to learn more for sure. A lot of people watch YouTube because they're searching for a specific thing. For example, if they’re searching up “how to diffuse curly hair” they’re more likely to be searching through videos and channels for a longer time.

Amanda: Because of that, it's important to be very educational and to also entertain viewers while they’re there, which is what we focus on. We know our YouTube audience looks forward to our weekly episode for a laugh and to learn something new, and then with Instagram, I think it’s more daily life and quick tips.

Mell: I would say our main platform is YouTube because that's where most of our community is and that's where people will come to really watch, learn, and connect when each video goes live. Following us on Instagram is just a bonus, it's where people can find more daily content and where we get to interact with our followers on a more regular basis. 

Have you picked up any new hobbies that you thought you would never have done before while you’ve been in quarantine?

Amanda: I used to be very active in high school. I used to play high-level soccer and I was very into sports, but I kind of lost that when I went to university and I started working because I didn't have time. Now, I think because of the quarantine, I was able to really get back into sports. I like doing outdoor activities, so I’ve been playing a lot of baseballs, I've tried golf and I try to go for walks because I've had more time. It's been so good to get out of the house. 

Mell: I, on the other hand, have been really enjoying playing around with makeup. It’s been fun experimenting while we've been home or even if I'm filming a video, I will do a fun eye shadow look just because, and, I'm really getting into trying out different makeup trends. I feel like the makeup world is completely different from hair and the trends are always changing, and getting to try all of them has been a lot of fun. 

We had a great time chatting with Amanda and Mell and getting to learn more about them, their careers, and their inspirational bond. You can follow Amanda @amanda__guido and Mell @manesbymell.