Fanola Babe Spotlight: Adriana Reis

Fanola Babe Spotlight: Adriana Reis

Meet our Fanola Babe, Adriana Reis!

She's our babe from Monroe, Connecticut who not only has amazing hair, but also has a positive attitude, an insightful outlook on life, and is such a talented artist! She is such a shining light in the Fanola Babe community, and we had the pleasure of catching up with her virtually, to get to know her more, see how she is self-caring during quarantine, and how she is using this time to stay inspired and create her gorgeous art!  

Anyone who follows you on insta can tell how artistic you are, what started your passion for art? 

A: I had always been pretty creative, but I believe my artistic style developed when I started my career in art galleries and museums. Every day I was meeting new artists and was surrounded by inspiring art. The idea of curating an exhibition had always enamored me. I then realized that my social media platforms were a way of curating myself and my evolution. 

A: During my sophomore year at University, I really struggled with being at a school. A lot of my friends had transferred or started to commute. If I didn’t come home after class, I stayed in the computer lab all night, experimenting with Indesign and Illustrator. I think because of this dedication to creating my personality over social media and developing my style for my class projects, I now am able to share my work on my platform and work with friends to put their ideas into fruition. 

Where do you usually draw inspiration from, and where have you drawn inspo from during quarantine? 

A: I had never lifted a watercolor palette prior to this pandemic, yet every night for the past two months, I have painted a wide collection of “hype” products and sneakers for friends that decide to support this fad. I believe my terrible shopping addiction has led to what I have been creating. Clothing companies like End.,, Ssense, Aime Leon Dore, subscriptions to HommeGirls, Vogue, and daily news from HYPEBEAST have created this street culture that pays attention to the details and appreciates artistic talent. I draw a lot of my inspiration from other artists I find on Instagram or Behance, that create meaning behind their work. This has pushed me to sell art for a 100% donation to whatever food bank the buyer wants to donate to. I raised over $1,000. 

A: I recently joined a Facebook group for graphic designers. We work on the same brief, yet everyone creates such incredible and unique work. If someone needs help, there are hundreds of designers with kind advice. This pushes me to better myself with each project. 

How has it been creating while being at home? 

A: After re-painting my basement, I created a personal space apart from my family which I am so grateful for. My home is not the biggest or prettiest, but my new “office” has changed my environment and kept me from staying in bed all day. 

I was furloughed from my job, so after daily job applications in the morning with a cup of coffee in bed, I head downstairs to work on freelance branding jobs and paintings. During “normal” times, I would rarely create due to lack of energy after a workday. I am learning a lot about myself, my strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes! 

What self care habits have been really valuable for you during this time? 

A: Because of my lack of make-up use (only cracked out when I have a virtual date), my skin has seriously improved. I am a huge advocate for water-intake throughout the day, so I keep a large reusable plastic bottle from Starbucks (the one with the straw!) with me at all times. I use Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap for oily skin, then follow up with their toner to balance my skin’s PH, and at night add Glossier’s Super Duo serums and eye cream. 

I am currently reading Everything That Remains, by the Minimalists. Their podcast helps me reflect on my habits, mental health, and my environment. I highly recommend checking them out! 

On how she gets herself out of creative blocks:

A: I choose to create a mood-board for each project I start. I then create a handful of ideas to go with so if one idea doesn’t work out, I can move onto the next. I also have an extreme saved section in my Instagram account for art that inspires me, interiors, fashion ideas, OOTD’s, and more. 

During “normal” times, If I was not at work, I was hopping around galleries, seeing what is next and best, shopping in SOHO, exploring new spots of Connecticut, or going on day-trips. After a year of “no days off”, I feel as though my time in quarantine has let me reflect on myself, my passions, and my artistic style. Everything that I have pushed myself to see has evolved my style and creativity. 

What are some of your favorite IG accounts that inspire you? 

A: @futureearth - climate change club with great graphics & important information @eliserigollet - love her graphic design style and use of color @themodernbookclub -by @mvb updating me on books that are worth the read (even though it's relative) @manrepeller / @leandramedine - keeping me entertained. I get their hotline texts to my phone which has daily upshots of good news, outfit challenges, and fun recipes 

Follow for the aesthetic and home inspiration - @nycbambi @mvb @ellenclaesson @yanyanchan (great website too) @josefinehj @hannastefansson - use of color pushes me to experiment

And of course my own quarantine project @housarchives where I post inspiring designers.

On how she has been tending to her mental health during these times: 

A: Over the past two months in my online courses on well-being and happiness, I’ve learned how important it is to meditate and get your mind to stop free-falling and focus on BEING. The benefits discussed in my classes are insane, so I dedicate myself 5-10 minutes a day to the Headspace app, which guides me through the mediation. Some days are easier than others, but I do feel a better connection to myself. Meditation pushes you to use parts of your brain that are never used, which alters the gray matter which significantly improves memory, sense of self, empathy, stress, and reactions to what life throws at you. 

Something more physical would be my time spent practicing with Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Adrienne has developed a safe space for her viewers and has a video on every ache and pain. To take time out of your day to roll out your mat and join her is half the battle. Every day is different, so I like to check in on myself without judgment and see what I can accomplish for the day. 

What are some ways you've kept your hair healthy during quarantine? 

A: My Fanola No-Orange has kept me from box-dying

Before quarantine, I treated myself to a full head of highlights, which have become very brassy. My hair is naturally super oily, so I like to switch up the Fanola Rebalancing Sebum-Regulating Shampoo and the Vegan No-Orange Shampoo. I usually let the No-Orange sit for 8 minutes while I do everything else in my shower routine. 

My at-home haircuts have not been as bad as I thought they would be, but I’m sure my hairdresser will have heart palpitations as soon as I get to the salon. 

On her fave Fanola products: 

A: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, your NO-ORANGE SHAMPOO! Every blonde needs this in their shower. I feel like a new woman after. Also the Fanola Frequent Multi- Vitaminic Mask for when my hair is feeling dead or unhealthy! These products are truly magical and worth every dollar. 

What is the first thing you're going to do when quarantine ends? 

A: (Nail salon immediately. I still have Gel Powder residue.) Assuming everything is 100% better in the world, I think I’d like to give my friends a really big hug. I have always enjoyed alone time, but I realized how energizing it is to be around positive people that love you for you. 

The idea of going back to a job that drained my soul is convincing me to change gears in my career path. Also- I had to push off a few trips, so I’ll be re-booking! I never take travel for granted but will be indulging and appreciating everything much more now. 

No matter how stuck I may feel, the world is a beautiful place, and I am going to share experiences, positivity, and love as much as I can.

We had a great time chatting with our artsy Fanola Babe Adriana! She is always so fun to talk to and all of her art is so inspiring! You can check out her art and photography on her Instagram @reis4days, and see more of her amazing art and graphic designs on her website,, where you can also purchase her art to have IRL! 

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