Cool Girl Hair: Billie Eilish

Cool Girl Hair: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has swept the Grammys, had the best audience reactions at the Oscars, and is the ultimate example for cool girl hair. Billie Eilish is our ultimate hair inspo! Here are some of our favorite hair color from her!


Blue has never looked so good, Billie rocking her blue locks emphasized her cool status even more during 2018. Vibrant and long, we were obsessed, it’s no wonder this was one of her most liked photos on her Instagram. 


A platinum selling artist with platinum blonde hair is just what we need. Billie looks amazing with platinum blonde hair, it brings out her pretty features, like her ocean eyes (pun intended).  She even had her iconic platinum hair in her iconic album cover Don’t Smile at Me. 


We noticed Billie’s silver hair during her performance on Jimmy Fallon and it was the best thing we ever saw. Fanola is obviously an advocate of ashy hair, and seeing the biggest star in the world rock it only made our purple shampoo filled hearts melt with joy. 


When we fall asleep where do we go? To Billies hair stylist hopefully. Billie debuted her dark black hair and it fit her so well. The edgy pop girl jumped out with this look and it was a look we couldn’t help but stan. 


Last, but definitely not least. The green roots that changed the hair game. Billie showed her best style yet with green roots over black hair. Not only is this genius, but fits her personality and style so well. We hope she keeps this style for long but can’t wait to see how she tops this one off. 

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