Calling All Sensitive Scalps!

Calling All Sensitive Scalps!

Calling all sensitive scalps: Your time is now!

Some scalps need a little more love and attention than others, and our Sensitive Scalp Kit includes everything you need to care for your scalp on those extra sensitive scalp days. See what's included in our Sensitive Scalp Kit that'll help you get that healthy scalp you deserve. 

What the kit includes:

Sensi Care Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

Our Sensi Care Shampoo gently cleanses and re-hydrates hair using Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5, all while reducing redness and uncomfortable itching.


Nutri Care Bi-Phase Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner

The Nutri Care-Phase Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner renews lifeless hair, it de-tangles and hydrates the hair fibers leaving hair instantly silky and luminous. Enriched with Keratin and milk proteins, it eliminates frizz while restoring extraordinary strength and vitality. It works well with sensitive scalps because of how light and airy it is all while leaving your hair and head refreshed. 


Keraterm Anti-Frizz Mask

The Keraterm Anti-frizz Mask is designed specifically to nourish and re-hydrate hair that's been put through heavy chemical processes and hot tools. It will leave the hair lush and silky while reducing frizz and static electricity build-up, and sets in another layer of protection against humidity all while not being harsh or heavy, on the scalp.


Smooth Care Protection Serum

This serum will protect your sensitive scalp when styling, the Smooth Care Serum is a safeguard from the harsh heat of your straightening iron. It insulates the hair shaft with a protective film and maintains the moisture in the hair so you can style your hair without worry! 

Use code HEALTHYSCALP to get 15% off your Sensitive Scalp Kit and be on your way to protecting and loving that sensitive scalp of yours.